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It is a hybrid race created by mixing a Pomeranian and a Husky. The resulting pup has the same spongy hair than the first, as well as blue eyes and the color of a Husky. In terms of size, this can vary
pomsky for adoption in georgia. At this point will be few animal lovers who don’t already know what a Pomsky. But just in case some clueless is, it’s a new ‘race’ created from crossing a Pomerian and a Husky.

This new dog is causing a furor in the network and sure more than one requests a puppy of this type to the Magi. And it is that the resulting mixture of both animals is normally a puppy hairy and with one much smaller with respect to an original Husky.

Indeed, such has been the success of this can that already has up to their own club: The Pomsky Club of America. This has been created in the United States, place where he began to develop this new race and one of the few countries where you can buy for now.

But as with everything that wins, you have to be very careful with scams, since there are few breeders that currently ensure true ‘pomskis’ and from official places warn users of the network that they do not trust.

pomsky ​puppies

In addition, we also report to acquire this type of dog is not no game, because it is not known with certainty the temperament that will inherit the animal nor the size, so you have to be open that may look more like a Husky or may have more similarity with a Pomeranian.

If you decide to purchase one of these animals, you must know that their price ranges between 1,500 and 1,800 dollars.

Then we leave a list of official places where to buy this precious puppy:

United States

pompsky puppies atlanta ga

Apex Pomskies

Tressa Peterson


[email protected]

Arctic Design Pomskies

Joline Phillips


Rose Peek Pomskies

Roxanne Pickett


[email protected]

Delightful Pomskies


[email protected]

Mustain Pomskies

Cassidy Meeks


Precious Pomskies

Lexi Wolfley


[email protected]

United Kingdom

BreezeBlue Pomskies

Stacey Leigh


[email protected]

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