Quad Axle Dump Trucks for Sale in Wisconsin

The dump trucks of four themes that are for sale in wisconsin, also known as truck tipper or bath, is used for earth moving and hauling of materials in general. It is equipped with an open trailer unloading by overturning. Carrying loads of up to 20Tm.

Specific recommendations for the four-axle dump trucks

_ Control the truck only from the driver’s seat.

_ Do not allow the presence of workers or third parties on the range of the dump truck.

_ Do not allow the transport of persons unrelated to the truck tipper to the activity.

_ Not to raise or lower with the dump truck in motion.

_ When the truck driving, always use a restraint system (cabin, safety belt or similar).

_ Outside the work, must use seat belt mandatory.

_ In works in areas of affected services, that are not available a good visibility of the location of the duct or cable, will require the collaboration of a senalista.

_ When you restart an activity after major rains, must bear in mind that the soil conditions may have changed. It should also check the function of the brakes.


Quad axle Dump Trucks for Sale in Wisconsin


_ In operations in areas close to electric cables has to check the same voltage to identify the minimum working distance.

_ After lifting the four-axle tipper truck, must download it immediately.

_ If the visibility at work decreases because of weather or similar circumstances below safe limits, there is to park the truck tipper in a safe place and wait.

It will be down slopes with the motor stopped or dead point.

_ Make the inputs or outputs of pathways with caution and, if necessary, with the help of a senalista.

_ When the operations behave complex or dangerous maneuvers Machinist must have an expert senalista that guide him.

_ Keep permanent visual contact with work teams that are moving and the workers of the job.

_ You have to respect the internal signalling of the work.
Load capacity according to type of truck tipper
_16 tons
2-axle trucks
Tipper truck

_18 tons
3 axle rigid truck
Tipper truck

_23 tons
Truck 3-axle tandem rear/traditional
Tipper truck

_26 tons
4-axle rigid truck
Tipper truck

_27 tons
3 axle truck/tract
Tipper truck

Tonnes _32
4-axle truck/tract
Tipper truck

_48 tons
5-axle truck/tract
Tipper truck

_52 tons
6 axles truck/tract
Tipper truck

_31 tons
Truck and trailer 4 axle
Tipper truck

_44 tons
Truck and trailer 5 axis
Tipper truck

_48 tons
Truck and trailer 6 axle
Tipper truck
Weighing by axis with scale tipper trucks

Electronic truck tippers in Fossa or above floor installation. Any capacity and length of platform.
Electronic equipment:


_ Intelligent Digital display
_ Ticket printer


_ Alphanumeric remote display
_ Traffic light 2 lights

The solution features:


In addition to normal weighing scales for trucks, first and second heavy, this solution can get the weight of each axle of the truck through a sequence of operation specially made for this purpose.

This operation is useful for the trucks that transport cargo to the United States of America (USA), of which we need to know the weight of each axle of the prior to its exit road truckload so drivers make sure that the distribution by axes of the burden is below the maximum allowed by the Government to travel on their roads.

Weigher selects the type of heavy output between weighing axis or normal (full truckload).

The truck drivers are guided by an alphanumeric remote display which is installed outside the wheelhouse of the scale and a traffic light 2 (green and red) lights installed at the top of the scale that gives the output of the plant or yard.
Remote screen

The remote screen directs the driver to shaft for shaft going up the scale, also displays the weight of each axle and is notified immediately if it has exceeded the maximum allowed, on the other hand the traffic light makes visual control functions to move or stop the truck on the scale.

These maximum permitted axle weights are programmable by the user according to your requirements or applicable standard, as well as the messages that appear on the remote screen to guide drivers. All complete heavy are stored in the memory of the indicator, including the weight of each axle when weighing is in this way.
At the end of the operation output Gets a printed ticket with the breakdown of each axle weights and gross, tare and net of the complete truck, weights, which is valid for business transactions. The heavy can be in kilograms or pounds.

Key benefits.


_ Avoid penalties in United States of America (USA) for transit with loads exceeded those allowed to.

_ Detect before the truck leaves road if it is exceeded in weights permitted axle.

_ Despite the full shaft for shaft up to the scale truck and leave printed these data as evidence.

_ The scale complies with purposes of weighing by axles and weigh-in valid for commercial transactions.
Example output for shafts in pounds weight:

Diagram axis 1
#1 = 32 axis 900 lb
Gross in scale weight 32 900 lb

Diagram 2 axis
#2 = 35 shaft 620 lb
68520 lb gross scale weight

Diagram 3 axis
Shaft #3 = 28 360 lb
Weight gross scale 96 880 lb

Diagram axes Total
Total 96 880 lb gross weight
The operation completes
Important consideration:

Arithmetic sum of the weight of each axis may be equal to the total truck gross weight, this will depend on which access to this scale to the same level.

Depending on the slope of the land with respect to the scale differences between sum arithmetic of axle and gross weight can be higher or lower.