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Choose from a variety of phones and providers without long term contracts, no activation fees and no credit assessment, us cellular pay now.

uscellular. com / paynow. Phones without a contract, also known as cell phones with prepaid service, are an excellent choice to stay updated with the latest cellular technology, without the problems of contracts long-term, activation charges or credit assessments. Pay for the service in advance, instead of signing a contract, gives you the freedom to change telephone and provider whenever you want. Phones without a contract can be obtained from popular providers, who provide reliable coverage while traveling. In addition, it is easy to control the budget of your phone with prepaid minutes to talk and send text messages and data. us cellular / pay now

With a cell phone plan US Cellular prepaid, still you can enjoy an excellent quality of their wireless communications without being overwhelmed by the annual commitments or 2 years of service. US Cellula paynowr com also offers text messaging plans only with a vision of future, which are specially designed for people with hearing impairment.

uscellular com paynow


Decide on the functions of the cell phone that you think that you will use most frequently, such as voice mail, text and picture messages, and take your best guess as to the number of minutes you need. US Cellular plans often include unlimited minutes on receipt of calls and calls at night, but it will always have to pay for the minutes of your day.

Compare the features of different US Cellular monthly access rates. Available in a variety of denominations, each different value allows you to access a wide range of functions, including international calls to fixed rate and service information.

Familiarize yourself with local coverage map and try not to make calls outside their coverage area to avoid additional costs. All US Cellular plans charge roaming fees if you are using your cellular phone outside its designated service area.

Buy additional minutes in advertised rates, which will vary depending on which initial plans that you signed for. The higher the cost of your monthly plan initial, the lower the cost per minute for additional minutes.

Activate your phone by following the instructions provided with the starter kit, or with assistance from a service representative customer. Please contact the staff of US Cellular prepaid Web site (see resources below).

Takes note of a use of the phone. Adjust your plan accordingly, adding or subtracting minutes, as needed. Remember that it takes us cell phones for calls made or received 6 am-8:59 pm in the rate during the day.

Wait for your minutes to expire on the day before your monthly end of the charging period. For example, if you purchased your minutes on July 1, the minutes expire at 11:59 in the morning of July 31.

Buy new monthly plans directly from U.S. cellular web site or through an authorized dealer. If you want to convert an existing phone US Cellular service, please contact a representative service the customer.

Tips and warnings:

Try a Starter Pack of US Cellular to familiarize yourself with the services of the company without having to spend much money.

Among the Others operators working without contracts, Consumer Cellular won the… AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon offer discounts to the

us cellular pay now

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