maine coon kittens for sale lexington ky

a powerful cat, national of a long-haired breed, originally from America. Mainecoon cats lexington, ky

The Maine Coon is well known for its loving nature, disposition and amiability of great intelligence.

The Maine Coon often loving, and like most cats, lazy. Despite being sloths they are very agile and are widely used for hunting mice, by their natural ability to catch prey. They are outdoor cats and enjoy the company of their own kind. Because of its impermeability, some can tolerate water, and even play with it, something that performed with great frequency, especially relating their prey or favorite toys with water.

To highlight the capability that show these cats produce meows of different shades and textures, and his eagerness to communicate both other animals, as with the prey that hunt.

Maine coon


Maine coon tabby white network of 10 kg
Maine Coon prices vary according to the quality, origin and the hatchery as well as phenotypic characteristics.
The price of the Maine Coon round between 500 euros this in a Kennel of average quality; If it is a high quality (pedigree, vaccinations, wormed) CAT the cost increases and they become cost up to 800 euros.
This breed of cat is very difficult to find in pet stores, more feasible is to buy them at nurseries specializing in Mexico can also find more information in the feline Federation of Mexico.

Maine coon


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