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Have you decided to buy a trailer Keenum salts Winona Ms? Then take a look at this article. To begin with, we need to have our tourism “ball” or the trailer hitch, without forgetting the additional rear-view mirrors. Add a trailer much alters the dynamics of the vehicle, not it’s like carrying the trunk very loaded.

With the driver’s license B we can pull a trailer of not more than 750 kg (permissible maximum mass) MMA, being heavier than the vehicle unladen tractor cannot overcome all the 3,500 kg. This question has raised a reader recently. If we want a bigger trailer or more MMA, we need another card or a specific test.

A not light trailer can lead with the B permit (> 750 kg) or reach a global MMA of 4,250 kg with two tests in the DGT: parking and departure of the space occupied by parking (on line, perpendicular or oblique) in various circumstances and proceed to the coupling and uncoupling of the trailer.

In particular, the first test will have to be done forward and reverse, in plain or slope (up or down). In the second test the tractor vehicle and the trailer will not start in line, but side by side. If these tests are not exceeded, everything remains the same as before. keenum trailers clarksdale ms


Keenum Trailer Sales Winona Ms


If we have the b + e we can pull a trailer of more weight, avoiding a fine of 600 euros and the possibility of an accident. Remember that isn’t the same pulling a lightweight trailer that something heavier, like a caravan, and need additional training that is provided with the permit E.

Once solved the administrative problem, what features should be the vehicle? We don’t need to be very powerful (in steam horses), since speeds allowed for circulation of tourism and trailer sets are relatively small, and the power is not so important.

The data of the maximum torque, a key feature if we are going to pull a trailer is more relevant. For circular motorways or roads with few slopes no need to have a vehicle with all-wheel-drive, but if you were to step on the field, it is a desirable feature.

The engines that better tolerate trailers are either gasoline medium/high power or diesel engines, which by definition delivered a maximum torque of gasoline to power equal counterparts. Manufacturers give information in this regard in their technical, for example, the maximum towable weight.

This last fact is specified braked and unbraked, referred to the trailer. If the trailer has its own brakes, will obviously be much easier to stop it if all the effort of slow tourism takes him or off-road. There are models that even prohibited to tow, but let’s talk about a light Appendix.


Keenum Trailer Sales Winona Ms


Respect for speed limits becomes much more necessary when pulling a trailer, because the dynamic is much more altered, which seem to ignore those who are on the road at the same speed as if it had no trailer. These people run a significant risk of active safety.

You must also consider a significant increase in fuel consumption, by the added weight and the decline of aerodynamics of the set. In a petrol engine the increase in consumption will be more visible in one diesel, especially if the gasoline need to go on a short March to endure towing.

Turning to the needs of trailer off road or in difficult situations, maybe we need that the tractor vehicle gearbox, available i.e. shorter marches. It is something nearly exclusive off-roader “cigars”, although we can find exceptions, such as the Subaru cars or the SsangYong movolumen.

If in doubt about the capabilities our car manufacturers, should ask the manufacturer. If we ignore the limitations of the engine could reach, at one end, a situation so bizarre as that you can see in this video. Poor motor… The maximum mass of the trailer cannot exceed the capacity of the towing vehicle.


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