Galaxy Tab 2 Gt P3100 Stock Rom

With the theme of promoting the tablet Galaxy TAB 2 Gt P 3100 gift stock rom, on the purchase of the Galaxy S3 will see many people that well this tutorial come to upgrade to 4.1.2 form completely clean, roteear and already pass add features juicy extras. This process is so what I did to two tablets that I came from Samsung promotion with 0 problems and in a fully satisfactory manner.

First of all this rom is not for the Tablet Galaxy TAB 2 GT-P3110, is for the 3 G GT-P3100 version, but we’re going to do a pirula to our GT-P3110 tablet to install it safely and step to obtain multiple advantages.

The two main advantages to install this rom apart from upgrading of Jelly Bean 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 are run codes USSD which previously could not be lacking dialpad and simple whatsapp without complicated processes installation since the market doesn’t let us to install this application. If you do not come from 4.1.1 installed via OTA or Odin 4.1.1 to then make a completely clean install of 4.1.2.

USSD codes offer many possibilities through Samsung secret menus and Whatsapp is clear, instant messaging without 3 G and WiFi SIM card. As you can see it is the GT-P3110 WIFI version without 3 G.

Band Base version comes out “unknown” since the GT-P3110 does module 3 g. also changes the number of model GT-P3110 to GT-P3100, hence Whatsapp can be installed later. If you see in the notification bar leaves a circle with a diagonal line that means “no service” that have 3 G would be the lines of coverage.  Dialpad for running secret codes or USSD.

An example of code USSD, in this case * #0 * # is the test of manufactures from Samsung, and the best, now if you will come available in the market Whatsapp installed and fully functional. To make it work just we need to restore a backup of a Whatsapp running Titanium Backup.  A screenshot with kernel stock and JB 4.1.2 in Quadrant.


Galaxy Tab 2 Gt P3100 Stock Rom

Necessary files Galaxy Tab 2 Gt P3100 Stock Rom

To start we need to download the following 3 files:


1. to make clean install repartition type unmarked repartition and root we got:

P3110_CWM_RECOVERY-6.0.1. 3_SUPERSU-0. 96_BUSYBOX-1.20.2. tar. md5

2. we can go down or the previous French rom or the new Spanish free rom.


We went down the TAB 2 GT-P3100 4.1.2 rom
Version: 4.1.2
Date: April 2012
Region: Spain

or we got us the previous TAB 2 GT-P3100 4.1.2 the December France rom.


Version: 4.1.2
Date: 2012-12-17
Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, England


3. we went down also Odin 1.85



If we have 4.0. x update via OTA, Kies or Odin to 4.1.1. If you already have 4.1.1 we omit this step.



Considering the Samsung Kies installed, we will have the tablet drivers on the computer. If ever it had you have installed download it from this link. After installing it you reiniciáis the computer and came Kies if it opens at the beginning.

We opened Odin and let only marked the “Auto Reboot” checkbox unchecked just as it appears in the capture. We select the PDA box and look for the file that we download before
P3110_CWM_RECOVERY-6.0.1. 3_SUPERSU-0. 96_BUSYBOX-1.20.2. tar. md5

Reiniciais and we have installed CWM Recovery and Root but this last now we are not interested in.



We turn off the tablet. We pressed Power and volume button above to enter Recovery mode. Once inside give to

-Wipe Data/Factory Reset
-Wipe Cache Partition

We are now entering Advanced and give to

-Wipe Dalvik Cache
With care and then avoid mistakes we’re going to back and entered Mounts and Storage. Once inside give to

-format tracking
-cache format
-format /data
-format /SDCard/ (this is the card of memory where the multimedia files are stored)

We’re going to back and give to reboot system now. With this we have done we do him the tablet a repartition and full reset by removing all the garbage and trash that had.



Now quiet that not start os tablet, i.e. you have an induced semibrick. Not happen of the Samsung logo already that rom will not boot to have formatted the System folder where the system configuration and the applications are kept.

As we can not turn off the tablet and this is in an endless loop by can not get the battery as if we can do in the mobile, press both the Power button and the volume down button until it restarts without releasing them. Then will get us the tablet automatically into Download mode. Press the volume up button to confirm that you want to continue.

Now we open Odin, we leave you marked boxes Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time and mark PDA putting the rom you downloaded before and give it to Start. The installation process will start as with any other rom until its completion.
EYE. It will give you fault, don’t be alarmed. the ruling is not to install the rom base-band since the tablet has no mobile coverage. It will give you a nice FAIL in red but with all the finished process.
You desconectáis the USB cable and you give it to the Power button until you reboot the tablet. It took a little bit to start since it is first installation and clean. You do not despair. Then already the configuration message will be shown you in French, you give the Power button and apagáis the tablet without making the initial configuration that will do it later. Now you already have the updated tablet to latest version and with extras.



If you want to rootearla repeat step 2



We turn off again the tablet. We pressed Power and volume button above to enter Recovery mode. Once inside give to

-Wipe Data/Factory Reset
-Wipe Cache Partition

We are now entering Advanced and give to

-Wipe Dalvik Cache

We went out and reboot. Do the initial setup as usual.



Now if available in the market Whatsapp installed and fully functional. To make it work just we need to restore a backup of the titanium a Whatsapp running backup.

As we have the Save contacts only option is to get these and Whatsapp will detect them automatically.



In the notification bar, above to the left will get the icon of software update asks where the acceptance of the agreement. If give you fails us to be the rom for the GT-P3100 3G and not the 3110 WIFI we have. To remove this notice we go to menu, settings, application manager, moving laterally until “all” and then click on Software Update. We entered and we give to erase data, force stop and disable. We went out and we already have removed notice.

Although the tutorial appear long it is fairly quick and easy to do, risk-free, just follow the steps at the foot of the letter and hand keep the files you must download.

To uninstall applications you do not want to have you can disable them either or, as root you are installed the program Root Unistaller. WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth with good coverage are still perfectly functioning.

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