Land For Sale Chitwan Nepal

Many people wonder how to sell land that are months promoted, always is very cumbersome to be able to sell land. I here give you the 4 keys to getting the sale of land, plot or lot. land in Chitwan Nepal are very much in demand for sale.

Let’s see what these 4 keys.


Key 1: It shows the benefit of the field that you want to sell

Investors what interests them most is to know what is the approximate benefit that will report the purchase of land. You have to introduce you to what can be built on this land, the cost of building it and give very approximate figures of the return on investment when you sell or rent that has built. Approximate numerals is what matters.

If you sell an agricultural land as a vineyard, then you should calculate the return on investment to 5 years including maintenance costs.

Yes, it is a job that takes time and knowledge, but is the fastest way to sell a land. And the surest way. And the only one I know that he guarantees the sale of a



Key nº.2 to sell land: the title of your ad is everything.

“Land for sale. “Profitability before taxes $6.700.000…” This is an example of the type of ad you publish. It uses the results of the 1 point to write your advertising. This is the only kind of message that attracts serious investors in a fast way. Shown! Forget the cheap grammar and go “to the point”.

A serious investor wants to know what gets him, her or his company buying selling a terrenoterreno. And it wants it now, without calls or contacts. To sell a land, you should be clear, concise and brief.


Land For Sale Chitwan Nepal

Key no.3 to sell a land: you need to isolate your offer.

Here is where fails 90% of real estate agents to sell land. Create a landing page exclusively to the ground with a different URL to the of your web site, (which you can then use for the sale of another). Includes in it the most important data, several photos and the return on investment before tax following this example: cost of land: x; construction cost: x; proceeds from sale: x, etc., etc. You can the more specified costs and revenue, (approximate), better.

You need to isolate your offer, (the ground), all other market opportunities and possibilities for more options. This is the main reason why a clear and explanatory announcement on a real estate portal does not generate many responses. Your ad is not isolated and also your ad on a portal will never have the impact of your landing page. And it costs much less.

The cost of a landing page including hosting, domain and design, only gets to about $100. Sell a plot is not a question of budget.



Key nº.4 to sell a land: promoted to the 4 winds.

Promote the 4 winds is not a matter of budget; fate of strategy and hard work for 1 week. And as an example I’ll give to my students. None of them has exceeded the $200 in online promotion to sell his land. That Yes, invested the time and effort required.

Starts writing one or more similar listings of maximum 50 words, (no more) without pictures, following the instructions in point nº.2 and publish/s in regional, national and international real estate portal. Publish them for free, and in some cases paying an extra. How many more better portals.

Now post the ad in classified directories regional, national and international. How many more better. Forget about social networks.

To give you an idea of the amount, (and this is where comes the hard work that a few agents like to do and why they fail to sell a land), you must publish your offer between 100-200 sites, (portals and classified). If you can reach 300 better. And upload them as soon as possible. In 5-7 days.

That upload it to 50 sites this week to see if the Virgin of Guadalupe; appears to you and if you do not upload it to another 50 next week and so on; It does not work. Or rather, it will take you much more to sell the land. Much more.

The key is to look where publish your land; do not leave stone lift, publish as much as possible and do it in a short space of time. This is called strategy: research – planning – execution. Come, see and conquer.

And remember: do not include email or phone in your listing; only a link to your landing page where are your contact details.


Results of using this strategy to sell land.

After the work is done, wait approximately 7-10 days to start getting calls and emails from investors. No, do not try to invent it wheel publishing in only 98 sites. In more than 100 public or have the losing battle.

More than 20 of my students have applied this strategy and have always sold land or plot in less than 3 months. Even before 3 weeks in some cases. This strategy always get investors!

And now comes the most interesting and that answers to many of the questions you can ask about the effectiveness of this system.

In 90% of cases in which my students sold the ground in less than 3 months, (sell means to sign purchase contract and money in the Bank, by which contacts with investors arrived long before, beware this fact), in 90% of cases, again, the inverter contact through the Middle, (portal or classified) I thought less.


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Land For Sale Chitwan Nepal:

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