room for ​rent naga city camarines sur

room for rent naga city camarines sur. If you intend to rent a room, you say some of the aspects that you must take care so that you find a tenant quickly and safely.

Although it seems complicated, establish rules to rent a room is easier than you think. The first step is to decide what kind of person you want as a tenant. Once the profile has been established, the following is determine the rental price that depends on several factors:

1. If the room is furnished or not

2. the location and age of the House

3. usually the rent includes payment of water, electricity and gas

4. If the room has phone rental is more expensive

5. If the rent includes food price increases

6. If the room has a separate entrance or not

7. If you have the intention of renting to students, and if the House is near a school, this is also taken into account.


Preparation of the contract

The aspects that are usually listed in a contract are:

1. the amount of the monthly rent

2. If prohibited or not pets

3. If at the end of the contract, which is usually one year, the tenant wishes to continue occupying the room to renew the same increasing the rent price in a maximum of 10%.

4. the payment of the rent must be punctual

5. the amount of the fine imposed in the event of tardiness with rent

6 specify if the tenant does not pay rent, after 60 days the landlord can proceed legally with notice judicial, terminating the contract and order evicting the property within a period of three months

7 establish that at the time when the tenant vacates the room must be in the same condition as you received it, otherwise the lessor must go backed to respond for the damages

8. it is forbidden to sublet.

room for rent

Requirements that you should ask the person concerned

1. a co-signer with real estate and proof of address.

2 to pay one month rent in advance, more a month deposit. Usually when the tenant wants to leave the room, warns in advance and thus does not pay the last month of occupation, then the lessor uses deposit money for the payment of the last month.

3. some people call also as a requirement, for more security, a certificate of studies or work, depending on the activity of the lessee.

4 remember that if you elaborate a contract with the help of a lawyer, it will not be a doubt that the contract is legitimate and you can support you in it whenever necessary.

Other issues

1. Requests for references to the person who is renting the room. If possible looking for people close to your circle of friends.

2 questions to the future tenant what is dedicated, if it works or you are studying. This will help you to learn about its possible solvency, but it will not guarantee you the monthly payment.

3 sets out clearly the rules of coexistence. Clearly defines what are the shared and private spaces. Tenants must respect the common spaces, using them properly without hurting other people. Tenants must clean housing regularly for good conservation.

4.-each room should be a lock to ensure the privacy of each of the persons to vivien on the property.

5 reports appropriately are current expenses: light, water, etc., and the way in which it will be paid.

6 explains the future tenant that he shall bear the cost of repairing those appliances and appliances which enjoys in the House.

7. get an inventory of furniture and accessories that has housing, so that in the case of disappearance of any of them, you can claim it.

8. in the event that damage, as e.g. pipes or electrical installation troubleshooting, repair costs shall be borne by who do the damage…

Room for rent naga city camarines sur