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kurio tablet support phone number. If you are looking for a tablet for kids, certainly already know the wide range of alternatives that exist in the market. This gives you the advantage of having much to choose from, but at the same time, can be a tedious job to select, in particular, that meets your expectations.

In this regard, it is worth reviewing Kurio tablets which have evolved in terms of speed, security and usability. We will begin describing its salient features and then will cite their technical specifications.kurio tablet support phone number.

Child safe browsing

For parents looking for a tablet to children, the option to control the most of small Internet access is a must. Because with tablets Kurio can customize the navigation of your child by the network, and even block content you consider inappropriate for their age.

This is viable thanks to Kurio Genius and the system Kid-Safe Web Filtering, which account for more than 450 million websites filtered and categorised in a list that is updated daily.

A will your child grow you can modify the configuration of filters or select one of the preset.

Kurio Android Tablet

Family Tablet

One of its strengths is its function multiplayer which allows you to configure up to 8 independent user profiles, limit the time each and access to some or other applications, as appropriate.

Each user has its own session with your apps, files, history, games and records, downloads, settings, parental control, photos and videos. Thus, it is possible to have control of what each can see and download on the web and guarantees you that the little House not open sites with pornographic or violent content. As a parent, this feature produces a feeling of tranquility since children may start in the world of the Internet in a more secure manner.

More than tablets for children, we can say that the Kurio are devices for the whole family, since adults can use it. With only exit the child interface, you will have an Android tablet without restrictions, but you can also configure controls in this area if desired (for example, if you have a teenage son). The passage of the children’s area of adults is performed with a strong password.

Time control

Another attribute of the parent is control to limit the period of time in which the tablet is operational for a particular user profile. The same functionality is also available to set the hours that your child can play on the computer. In both cases, you can set a different number of hours for each day of the week.

Pre-installed applications

In terms of educational resources including, you’ll find that the tablets come standard with a minimum of 60 pre-installed applications such as games, educational content, ebooks, etc.

Outstanding are versions premium of popular games like Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Where´s my water?, Angry Birds Space, Pudding Monsters, Cut the Rope Experiments, etc.

In addition you will find 30 educational applications of Mr. Nussbaum, applications of Disney and Marvel (Cars 2 Read & Race and Disney Princess Story, among others), applications of a dozen media leaders as iHeartRadio, MeeGenius, Toon Goggles and Talking Friends, more streaming video apps about 25 ebooks.

It is appropriate to mention that these tablets for children have an application manager with which you can select those to which each profile (one or several) can be accessed and will be authorized appear at the session of your child automatically. This configuration be copied in various profiles. Additionally, you have access to the online shop of Kurio and Android stores. The tablets are compatible with Netflix, Youtube and Skype.

Technical characteristics and price

The S series of Kurio consists of two tablets with little difference between them.

The 7S Kurio has a seven-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The cameras are two, a front of 0.3 MPX and a back for 2.1 MPX, as well as a 4000mAh.Precio lithium battery: 99.00 to 149 dollars.

Kurio 10S has a HD IPS panel, multitouch of ten inches with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 MPX. In its interior there is a Quad processor Core and 1 GB of RAM, as well as a 3D graphics card. Also features two cameras but with a higher resolution in the frontal (2.1 Megapixel) and the back maintains the same 2.1 MPX. The battery is of 7000mAh. Price: from $149,00.

The common specifications on both devices are:

  • By default, children’s tablets of Kurio, come with the Android OS, version 4.2 Jelly Bean.
  • The storage capacity is 16 GB, expandable up to 40 GB with MicroSD card.
  • The Internet is connected by Wi-Fi (802 11 b/g /).
  • Presented in its design two stereo front speakers more a microphone integrated and input 3.5 mm headphone.
  • HDMI connection to connect a TV or monitor of high definition and high speed microUSB tablets.
  • They are compatible with most known formats of video, music and images, in addition to the ebook EPUB and PDF extensions.
  • They come with a silicone case that protects the equipment against falls and blows.


  • They are versatile tablets that can be used by all members of the family: children, adolescents and adults.
  • The storage capacity is expandable and presented several connectivity options with other gadgets.
  • Parental control is very full. It really is a support to introduce your child to the digital world in a safe manner.


  • They are tablets that can be faces if we allow ourselves to be seduced by the wide range of accessories that offer which, incidentally, are wonderful and causes buy them all. What I mean is that you will be “married” to the branded products, which can generate more costs.
  • Parental control has many features, to such point that might be difficult for some set up so many options.
  • The 7-inch, the 7S, Kurio tablet may be limited if you plan to use as a family tablet.

KD Interactive is a company of the KD group, formerly group Cide. This division has been created with the specific aim of the incorporation of new technologies in the learning and development of the child compression. KD Interactive launched its range of innovative and successful products Kurio in 2012 and now presents its new Kurio S Series range.

Information about the warranty and technical support. The serial number is an alphanumeric succession of 12 characters of the form AAAA-BBBB-CCCC.

kurio tablet support phone number