Used Scamp Travel Trailers For Sale In California

Used Scamp Travel Trailers For Sale In California. There are two possibilities to purchase a caravan buy it new or used.

Unlike cars, caravans age superbly well and can be used normally for many more years. Therefore we recommend to buy our first caravan in the used market. Scamp trailer for sale


Also, if then we don’t like or we don’t use it we can sell it and get our money back.

I was more than one year to decide, and I read lots of information on the Internet which helped me to make a decision.

I hope these tips serve someone… Let’s start.

Buying a second hand caravan
The first thing we should know is that there are two types of caravans: which weigh less than 750 Kg and which weigh more.

The first are considered a light trailer, and do not need separate insurance (used the car and we should notify the company), they don’t pay circulation tax and not pass the ITV. Used travel trailers for sale in california.

They are seeking worldwide and therefore often faces compared with her older sisters.

Which weigh more than 750 kg need insurance, pass itv, bringing registration itself and in some cases pay a tax of circulation (depending on its load capacity). Scamp travel trailer/ calif.

Also if the sum of the weight of the car and the caravan exceeds 3500 Kg it is necessary to get a special card (something likely if the Caravan is very large)

Once decided the type of caravan, we must know how much weight you can drag our car, which we know looking at the sheet in the box MMR. To know what is the weight of the caravan we find the MMA box in the green sheet of the caravan. It must not exceed the MMR’s car. Scamp trailers west coast largest.

Here we must point out that the Caravan is the size that is and type that is must have green card of technical inspection. Being illegal and punishable to circulate without it.

They are small sheets, contracts or bills of sale or anything similar.

Once decided the size of the caravan (ensuring that we can tow it with our car), verified that you have papers in order and having the necessary capacity for our family’s time to see other details.

Travel Trailers


Bathroom whether or not?

An important detail is the bathroom, because although we will normally use the services of the campsite where we find ourselves, if we wake up at midnight to urinate, have children, or simply want to wash our hands we will use it. Also it is especially useful when we go on route, we stopped and carry the toilet with us (with children or women since men orinamos anywhere).

There are two types of toilet: the portable and fixed being the latter the more comfortable since the deposit where are residues can be removed by the outside of the Caravan and also has more capacity.


Once the type of caravana.que comes well is recommended:

1) test the current caravan to 220 v (the House and camping sites) and 12 v hooked to the car. Check lights, turn signals, brakes, refrigerators and water pumps, plugs, lamps, gas fires, sinks… Everything that can be connected and can fail.

For the connection to the car, it is necessary to your taking this prepared to feed inside the caravan.

If put us a hitch with 7-pin socket most likely is not it is typical of the trailer hitch (we must take a positive from the battery to pin number 2 of hitch).

There is to make sure even if normal is that the mechanic does not have no idea if not thoroughly familiar with the caravans. If the hitch is 13-pin we have no problem.

Then you need to take into account that the Caravan can be 7 (the old) or 13 (the more modern). Although there are adapters some do not work well. Care.


(2) check that the floor, ceilings and walls are firm. That they are not soft or Squeak too much or they are rotten.


(3) open and close all windows. Check latches, blinds and mosquito nets. Also the skylights.


(4) up and down the legs. We will surely have to grease them.


(5) review the tires but it will have to change the wheels. The two are changed by 100 euros. Remember that only are two who endure sometimes weighing more than the car. And he spends most of the year stop.

It is advisable to do so every two or three years. I don’t change them and I had a puncture with the caravan. Miracle is not slit me the floor.


(6) it is recommended that you have stabilizer. It is an adapter that connected to the hitch prevents the caravan go moving car with his swing. If nothing have not passes unless our car is more lightweight than the caravan. Then will make us driving more difficult.

Used travel trailers for sale in california