Activer Iphone 4s Ios 7 Sans Identifiant Apple

Activer Iphone 4s Ios 7 Sans Identifiant Apple. 7 iOS update, us is impossible to activate the iPhone without Jailbreak and as yet it didn’t, this tutorial is the only hope to at least use it as iPod.

This tutorial is only available for iPhone 4 (and earlier, 3GS, 3G, although this is easier to jailbreak them to activate them).
To begin with it is necessary to download: Tinyumbrella (Windows) (Mac), WinSCP and this java file.

Once we have everything, run the java file.

Connect the iPhone to the pc and the ponemo in DFU (if you do not know how, click here). We waited a few minutes and we hope to get the following:

NCE appearing that, means that it is over the process.

Now open WinSCP, let’s Hostname or IP or name of the server (localhost), on user (user) “root” (without quotation marks), password (password) “alpine” (without quotes) and port (port) “2022” and click Connect (login).

If all went well, will open the WinSCP screen, on the edge superior is the choice of console, click the seventh option, once the terminal is opened we put “” and now we will have access to the iPhone.

Activer Iphone 4s Ios 7

Close the terminal and it will have options on the right an arrow upwards (that takes us to the previous menu and a file that says iPhone), you click until you leave several options, we pay attention to mnt1, mnt2. Double click on mnt1 and apps (Applications), look for the folder and eliminate (here is the initial setup which asks us to choose the language, country, etc). To delete this, we skip this step. Once done, close WinSCP.

Now, the iPhone will be with the Apple logo appearing that it is charging, but it will never end. Press both buttons (home and power) until turns off and leave the Apple, once done this, it will look like this:

Open Tinyumbrella, “connected devices” will see that a row numbers leave of a “?”, cliqueamos there, and in the options on the right there is one that says “Exit Recovery”, we give click and hope one or two minutes, at the end, we will see the iPhone as well: