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Craigslist is a Forum online full of classified ads where you can find used campers for under 1000 or also Used Rvs For Sale Under 1000 Dollars. A special product, which is bought and sold frequently through this service are the used Used Rvs and campers. People can post cars used for sale at any price, and these will be in chronological order with other publications of used cars. Buying this type of cars online is convenient, however, it is important that you understand the process to avoid any surprise or scam.

United States is a vast land that offers travelers the most diverse landscapes, that is something known. If your style is walking routes by car caravan, you will also find the best destination in this great country. You have the possibility to rent motorhomes and destinations with exclusive auto caravan camps are many and good where you go rv for sale under 1000 .

Rent a motorhome and travels the United States for less than you think

Rent a motorhome in the United States is guarantee to discover the country at your own pace while you enjoy the diversity and beauty of the landscapes that this great country offers. So notes, take a look at our tool to compare prices for motor homes, rent one and… to get closer to some of the natural wonders that hides United States such as the famous route 66 or the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.


Used campers for under 1000

What you need to drive a motorhome in United States?

Rent a motorhome in United States requires having at least 21 years of age (and maximum 75) and be in possession of a driving licence, valid, with more than one year old. An international driving permit also often necessary to rent a motorhome in the United States, especially if you are going to have to sign a supplemental liability insurance with the rental company. In addition, you may also present your Passport when you go to sign the contract of rent of the motorhome.

How to drive a motorhome in United States?

If it is important to know how to rent a cheap campervan in United States also it is necessary to know the rules of traffic from that country. Before departure, most of motorhome hire companies will propose you a small introduction to the use of the main commands of the vehicle.

American roads are fairly large, so driving a motorhome should not assume you no problem. Remember that in United States they drive on the right. As a general rule, speed on motorways is limited to 65 miles/h (104 MPH), 55 miles/h (about 88 km/h) on the national highways and 34 miles (about 54 km/h) in urban environment.

USA is really well prepared for tourists who decide to cross the country on their own since Americans have been touring their country aboard car caravans from decades ago.

The best excursions in motorhome by United States

All United States is conducive to travel by car caravan, here some highlights:

  1. Alabama: rural and southern, romantic and endearing character. Visit Crystal Lakes and mountains. From the white sands of the Gulf Coast to the mountains to the North, idyllic place for auto Caravan.
    California: exotic beaches, valleys of vineyards and coastal mountains invites you to practice outdoor sports: climbing, swimming, surfing, sailing boat or kayak, etc.
  2. Colorado: 54 mountain peaks defy the heights and the most daring athletes to practice climbing and skiing. National parks and reserves that exist in the area make appeal to arrive in RVs and stay at the exclusive parks.
  3. Delaware: another ideal place to travel in car caravan, where there are many parks and camps, and also has all the rich culture, museums and parks that make it different and attractive.
  4. Georgia: colorful festivals, beaches in full sun, mountain scenery, tourists in car caravan will find fun looking for in Atlanta, Columbus and Savannah.
  5. Minnesota: 10000 Lakes justifying to be known as “the land of the sky blue land”, where the traveller can ride a canoe, boat, swim, fish and enjoy the nature.
  6. Nevada: in the Western region of the United States, you’ll find wild nature, spacious deserts, and rivers and valleys, wide range of postcards are here.
  7. New Mexico: archaeological sites, it is imperative to know the Museum of New Mexico, the parks and the native of Anasazi ruins.

Camps: where to stop

The parks can be private or national. The breadth of the range varies in price and quality.

Within the national campsites, which are under the auspices of Federal Government agencies can be found. Reserves for public camps – and some privates who are counting–can be made online at or

The lands held by the Federal agencies include hundreds of parks and forests, with thousands of places where camping at reasonable prices.

Finally, state parks are a popular way to anchor the auto caravan, although the services offered are pretty basic.

There are many discounts in the rates for stays in the complexes, which are usually given to be associated with one of the clubs of RVs. In the stages of preparations for the trip, should be careful to take advantage of them.

Put gasoline in a motorhome in United States

Rent a motorhome usually involve a long-range travel but even so you will have to fill the tank of your car several times if, for example, you get ahead of the legendary Route 66, the State of Colorado or California. Keep in mind that the price of fuel is cheaper in the United States than in Europe since each liter costs about 50 cents. And, above all, remember that about a motorhome consumes about 25 liters per 100 kilometers.

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