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The Brittany is a medium dog hunting, especially in hunting birds. This is a spaniel (lifter of the dam) that acts as a pointer (counter). It also serves retriever (picker of the dam). It has the sense of the highly developed sense of smell. Another quality is that he likes staying not far from his master, other hunting dogs of the same category tend to cover larger areas and so sometimes they deviate too.


ORIGIN: Its origin is estimated that it was in France, but it is possible to be a Spanish dog.

MASCOT: This is a hunting dog with instincts and highly developed sense of smell for that function. Breeders strive to maintain and exceed these qualities and the improvement of the way about the acceptance of the breed as a pet. However, by its nature, this dog stands out among the breeds of hunting by its ability to also be a good pet home.

As a pet it should not cause problems, but perhaps too much dog for apartment living. In a House with fenced yard would be ideal. It is described as a very affectionate dog with his master, but think for itself. Why it is beneficial to take him to obedience classes from an early age, if it is possible when it is still a puppy for months. It is good with the children of the House. In this race, one of the qualities that is reinforced in their lineage is that not show aggression towards other dogs. It is not a good guardian; You can be aggressive, but it is usually very friendly with all people, known and unknown alike. You need exercise, otherwise they are very uneasy. He is must not mistreat under any circumstances, can revirar and the fault is not the dog. Hair must be seen but does not require assistance of a canino Barber, of course, never comes bad.


 Brittany Dogs For Sale Minnesota



Also called to Brittany in Spanish “Breton spaniels”.

In English it is known by “Brittany” and “Brittany Spaniel”.


CANINE FEDERATIONS: Relationship of canine federations which recognize this breed. Useful references to estimate the popularity of this breed, the effort to keep her defined, obtain advice before purchasing a puppy from pure-blood, and see this race to compete.

• American Kennel Club: AKC (United States). In the “Sporting Group”. Recognized race in 1934.
• United Kennel Club: UKC (United States). In the “Gun Dog Group”. Recognized in 1948.
• The Kennel Club: KC (Great Britain). In the “Gundog Group”.


DESCRIPTION: Measures vary between the different canine federations in the world. We present figures which give an idea of the size and appearance of the breed. If you want to exhibit your dog, see measures of the Federation where has your registered dog.


HEAD: Rounded. Good-sized skull.


STOP: The ‘stop’, front part of the head under the front, is well defined.


SNOUT and mouth:  The muzzle is shorter than the head length. The bite is scissors, closing the mouth teeth below resting on the inside of the top.


EARS: Short and triangular. Placed high on the head. It keeps them falls and attached to the head.


NECK: Medium length.


HAIR: Dense. Smooth or slightly wavy.


HAIR COLOR: White and brown orange, black and Brown dark (liver-colored). Tricolor dogs are permitted but not desired. Tricolor color is white and liver with orange typical markings on eyebrows, snout, cheeks, ears and under the tail; other brands are penalized. The black color is reason for the dog to be disqualified.


TAIL: Not very long. It can be cut to about 10 cm (4 inches) long.


HEIGHT: To the cross or the shoulders: 44.5 to 52 cm. (17½ to 20½ inches). In some federations the height of females is lower than in males. Greater or lesser height dogs are disqualified.


WEIGHT: The weight of the males is 14 to 18 Kg (30 to 40 pounds). The weight of the females is less than males.


LITTER: The litter is usually six to seven puppies. Litters of up to fifteen puppies are registered.


LONGEVITY: Care as it is due, this dog lives of twelve to fourteen years.


Character and behaviour of the Brittany


It is a dog with a great vitality, but balanced and sociable character which adapts to any environment. It is very playful and cheerful and its relationship with children is phenomenal. Relationship with other pets in the House also tends to be very good.
This breed is very versatile, they are a great pet as they are very good dogs in the field. Their learning ability is very good, in general, they are ready and obedient dogs.
It is a dog very faithful and loyal to its owner, always willing and eager to please.

A dog with a great capacity for learning is what is relatively easy to train but does not respond well to training hard and serveros methods.

Care and health with respect to the Brittany

Due to its high vitality, we must spend time dedicating it to wander so exercise it, runs out and release both physical and mental energy.

Your hair should be brushed regularly, you should bathe when necessary and clean his ears regularly to avoid infection.
It is a generally healthy breed but may be prone to hip dysplasia and epilepsy.


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