Rv lots for sale North Georgia Mountains

RV lots for sale in the North Georgia mountains, are great for the life of a full-timeretirement, as a basis for traveling RVer, seasonal living, affordable weekend getaways.


Imagine having your own lot rv in the North Georgia mountains is a nice place in the beautiful hills of Appalachia. Be part of a safe, friendly mountain community miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is located in a beautiful valley as peak higher, a mountain of glacial origin reaching 5,047 meters of height. A place of great natural beauty


rv lots for sale north georgia mountains

North Georgia is one of the 50 States of the United States of America. Its capital and most populous city is Atlanta.Georgia is the largest area east of the MississippiRiver, from the West Virginia seceded from Virginia in 1863. The growth of the population of Georgia is one of the highest in the country in recent decades.


Its population grew around 26% between 1990 and 2000, increasing from 6.478.216 inhabitants in 1990 to 8.186.453 in 2000. Most of Georgia is covered by forests and mountains, mainly pine trees, peaches and magnolias. The northern part of theState territory is mountainous, fundamentally, while its South is more level and less rugged.


The natural aspects of North Georgia were and still are very important to theState. Culturally, the beauty of the mountains of Georgia and the natural beautiesmake economically, tourism and timber industry important sources of income in Georgia. The State is one of the national leaders in timber production. Its forests gave it the nickname of The Peach State and a popular saying, Tall as Georgia Pine.




The mountains of Georgia a destination ideal for the sale and purchase of lots, isalso ideal for 3 or 4 days of vacation where you can go hiking, trekking or paragliding in summer or skiing in winter. Also enjoy good food and wine red, very famous in this region.

many are interested in the magnificent peaks of the mountains that surround Georgia.


Here I leave the link to the purchase of lots in the mountains of northern Georgia.

rv lots for sale north georgia mountains