Potter Trailer Park Elk City ok

potter trailer park elk city ok


Potter Trailer Park elk city ok is a motorhome parking. Search for a House, apartment for rent, decide how and where living for newcomers often becomes the main problem to solve. An alternative to live is Potter trailer park elk city ok, is a place economic housing for those who have a tight budget, it is rent or buy a “casa-remolque” (are not the same mobile homes). It is also a low-investment opportunity for those wishing to purchase with the goal of rent it a third of the United Nations.

Trailers is housing with all the comforts of one or more bedrooms with bathrooms, dining room, garden and place to park the car, installed in special parks such as the elk city ok, where residents pay a monthly rent for the land and buy or rent housing.

Home parks there is tow from the most southern point of the keys, to Northern State well and features content according to area.

Elk city ok Park has its own rules and prices, although in general terms for who the person field should submit their documents, fill out the form, check the housing choose complies with the rules of the Park and undergo a checkup of their police.

At the same time should go the place to find the House you want to buy or rent and Kinnickinnic directly with the property owner to set price and form of payment. City of elk Park mobile ok where it is the housing in many cases has no relationship with the owners of the houses or is responsible for the operations of purchase and sale or lease.

“In this potter trailer park who field costs about $425 depending on where silicone trailer of the is installed.” The best location is always near the entrance and this price includes water, garbage and sewage. The Potter contract trailer park elk city ok becomes Patato for two years and the rental or purchase of housing is made directly with the owner”

In other cases the low space rent slightly, potter trailer elk city ok park, has approximately 520 homes and costs more or children between $360 silicone. The trailer contents of price according to the model, year and manufacturer, but you can speak from an average of $8,000 to buy a trailer with two bedrooms in good condition”.

As investment is an excellent decision to purchase a mobile home or trailer, potter trailer park elk city ok are paid $347 silicone, and if they reach a good agreement with the owner of the House can pay nearly $500 or $600 to rent it. In the case of purchase, for $10,000 or maybe less, you can buy a house in perfect condition with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


The elk city Ok is located in trailers parks:

Address: national forest Winema 11700 Sprague River Rd, Chiloquin, or 97624

Phone: (541) 783-2253


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