Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs For Sale In Arkansas

Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs For Sale In Arkansas, The Feist dog treeing is a breed of dog created specifically for hunting of small animals, such as squirrels. Although the origins of the Feist dog treeing are unknown, it is believed that the animal have been raised specifically in the southern region of North America, according to the complete guide to dogs, also Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs is for sale in Arkansas, galla creek mountain fiest for sale.



Coonhound dogs feist also known as Feists mountain, and often found in the regions of South America, such as the Ozark Mountains and South of the Appalachian mountains. The dog believed that it is a cross between a terrier and a dog. Writers such as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, which concerns TREEING feist dogs.  Mountain feist squirrel dogs arkansas.


Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs For Sale In Arkansas


The treeing feist is a poodle, standing between 10 and 22 centimeters in height and weighing between 10 and 30 pounds. The characteristics of the breed include a long snout which narrows to a point with a skull partially rounded and small, dark eyes. The race is often tricolor with spots of color in the shield, to the treeing feist acceptable colors include red, white, black and fire, striped red and white, and blue and white. The treeing feist coat is easy to care for, because it is short and smooth, requiring only a brush to remove the dead hair. Due to the size and appearance of the breed, the Feist treeing is often confused with other dogs, such as the Jack Russell terrier and rat.



As a work of the feist dog treeing requires a lot of exercise and play to be healthy. When not taking on a hunt for the breed requires daily long walks and trots. A large fenced yard may be subsituted for long walks, to allow that the Feist to work the excess energy. The feist treeing often trained to hunt squirrels, along with other small game animals such as rabbits and birds. The breed is capable of reducing pests which are found in gardens and parks, such as raccoons and opossums.


Types and characteristics

Within the United States there are three sub – breeds of dogs bred Feist; Feist mountain, Feist and pencil – tail Feist bench-Legged. The treeing feist is a breed of curious dog that can be trained easily through soft commands due to its eager-to-please temperament. The breed can be trained to work in the majority of outdoor environments, including farms, fields and residential gardens. Although energetic and curious, the treeing feist is loving and protective towards their owners or leader of the Pack.


For sale Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs For Sale In Arkansas