Bengal Cat Rescue San Diego Ca

Bengal Cat Rescue San Diego Ca. Flares cats are exotic. Hybrid of cat is a Asian Leopard and one domestic. Who do not would have a “wild” animal living in your House? This is the way to take care of them.


1: Feed it with care. The flares like all kinds of food, but they are very careful when it comes to food for humans. Feed them with the leftovers from what you’ve eaten is not something you go to hurt, just be careful what you are giving. It tries to feed them natural foods either dry or wet. Either you need a fat cat, so feed him in a reasonable manner. The flares often have something called “mobile skin”. This occurs when its back seems to twist and contract throughout the day due to an allergic reaction to food. The cat will try to pull up the hair to try and stop this. Then, you don’t want to ruin the good appearance of these cute kittens huh? In general, “mobile skin” tends to be caused by the wheat or the salmon in their food. It seeks to remove from your diet. If this does not fix it, removes some of their food for a week. If you usually give snacks to your cat, remove them. If the problem persists, returns to give him snacks and removes moist foods. Repeat this process for one or two weeks, until the disease disappears and you have found the food that caused it. Remove that feed your cat food, and changes brand.


2: Dales water. You can serve them water in a container, or leave that they drink running water from the pipe. Since these cats were born in a wild environment, are accustomed to streams or rivers. Make them feel ‘at home’. You can get running water at the nearest pet shop games. If you can’t find one there, you can get them online. Maybe some people don’t want to buy a water fountain for your cats. No problem with that, you can give them water in a container and occasionally do run the water from the bath spout and let jump to laundry and drink from there.


Bengal Cat Rescue San Diego Ca


3: Give them a box of kitty litter with roof! It helps them feel privacy. Also, be sure to give you a box of sand with high edges. The flares can jump up to three times its size, so don’t hesitate to give it some height to the edges of the box. This is so not urinate outside the box. If you only have to enter the box, you can that they wet along the edges, leaving a huge mess to clean. If you’re one of those strange people who can teach your cat to use the toilet, your work is much easier! The only thing you have to do is pull the chain in the toilet from time to time or cleaning the edges of the seat. If you want to teach your cat to relieve himself in a toilet, see _. Some companies have training for cats kits. These kits may include small seats that can be adjustable if it is that you are training your lovely Bengal kitten.


4: Hese cute kittens do not have a perfectly beautiful coat! You have to help keep it clean. The flares tend to enjoy being brushed, this can help to keep your hair smooth and in addition it will help get rid of the extra coat of seedlings. When they have the opportunity, these cats do not hesitate to collapse to take a sunbath but despite this calm behavior are still wild cats! If you do not fear your dirty, give them a bath. To do this, make sure you go to the nearest pet store and buy shampoo for cats. Try to get shampoo specifically for cats, not one that is “for all kinds of animals”. The shampoo that are just for cats will give them less shiny appearance. Be sure to reach every area of your body to bathe them. It is best to use a shower hose so you can spend it all over her body, reaching the parts that you want, and be careful that nothing going into their eyes. USA water warm. We humans love the bathrooms with hot water, but these could harm a cat. Uses a hand towel to dry the cat, and pass on his back in the direction in which is his coat. Then, the cat will do the rest of the work and lamerĂ¡ their fur for an hour or two to dry it. If your cat is rare and you don’t like to get wet, get it first to the water. This method works best when they are still kittens, and they are still getting used to things. If they are no longer kittens, get them to water slowly. Perhaps caressing them with wet hands. Be careful, many hairs will stick to your hand! But if you’re really a lover of cats, you won’t matter. Once your Bengal stops wanting to get away from the water, you could put his legs in a small cup with water, or in their water bowl. This pace is still slow to get them for at least a month. After a month, it is best that you bathing them in a tub for a while, because the shower baths are fast and noisy. At this point, bathrooms are no longer a “threat” for the Bengal, provided that your cat does not have fear of wetting the feet.


5: It is important to always play with your kittens! Humans play Angry Birds to distract themselves, and a toy with feathers is the Angry Birds for cats. Cats love anything that moves. Gets a pen or a thread, and move slowly on the floor. This will cause your flare to think that she is alive, unless you suspect anything. Move it slowly, shaking it back and forth, until your Bengal jump over it. At that time, you can put aside the pen and jump, and surely your cat will jump also. A laser pointer will also work, and is even better. Get to jump the wall, or as quickly which can follow it. You can also throw a toy mouse. If your cat considers that you are his “father”, it is possible to return it you. Play with your cat can provide hours of entertainment for you and your Bengal.


6: If your Bengal is injured or becomes ill, or if just need an annual review, take him to the vet. Make sure first that your vet treats flares, because not all vets do. Vaccine to protect your cat, and having a longer life. If someone step on your cat, dropped, or if it hurts any other way and see that not often used one of his legs, take him to the vet. If he limps, it meows or sisea to members of the House. This could mean fracture, swelling, or arthritis.


7: Fun with your Bengal! They only live between 12 to 18 years on average, so take advantage of every day at his side.



  • These cats love attention, so more better! They also love sleeping with her “parents”, so let them snuggle beside you at night.
  • Sterilize or castra to your flares! Unless you’re a breeder, you want 50 more kittens, sterilize them or neutered.
  • It helps a lot that you have another cat. The flares tend to have fights of game in the middle of the night with their friends in the House, so if you do not want a cat to bother you all night, get another cat. The other cat does not have to necessarily be a Bengal. It may be a lost cat, one of the Kennel or one you already have.
  • Bengal cats love drinking from a pipe, were born in freedom and usually drink water from rivers or streams. Always open the faucet when your cat need to drink! Make them feel at home.



Make sure that the sparklers are legal in your area before you get one! If they are not, and you bought one, applies to euthanasia. We do not want that occurs with any type of cat.


Bengal Cat Rescue