Install an Adapter Ethernet


A PCI Ethernet adapter is a necessary component in a modern computer. These Internet access doors are generally standard equipment purchased in the store, based systems on Windows. But if you need to replace your Ethernet adapter or you want to upgrade, you can do it yourself. The cards are low cost and installation will help you avoid a draft law of considerable update.

Things you will need

desktop computer with free PCI slot

PCI adapter 10/100 Ethernet

Windows operating system


compressed air

Install an Adapter Ethernet


Turn off the computer and disconnect all cables that go to the Tower’s computer, including the power cord.


On a flat, static-free surface, remove the casing of the Tower, exposing the inner workings of the computer. Then put the Organizer so that the base plate can be exposed.


If you are replacing an old Ethernet card, use the screwdriver to remove the retaining screws. Then pull the card from the PCI slot.


Use compressed air to clean the dust inside or around the free PCI slot.


Align the pins of the new Ethernat card with the corresponding pins on the PCI slot. Then firmly push the card into the PCI slot. Secure the card with screws, if necessary.


Replace the cover of the tower. Reconnect the power cord and all peripherals.


Turn on your computer. When Windows starts, it should detect your new Ethernet card and automatically install the standard Windows drivers. Apple Usb Ethernet Adapter Driver Windows 8 A1277


Tips and warnings

Depending on your network card and the configuration of your computer, you may need to install additional driver software that comes with your Ethernet card. See the documentation of your card for details.

Apple Usb Ethernet Adapter Driver Windows 8 A1277


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