Android Smartphones You Should Avoid


More and more smartphones are becoming an element of necessity, because the truth is that aside fashions, these teams give us the ability to not only communicate in traditional way by phone, but thanks to operating systems like Android does not allow to carry out a myriad of tasks.

From something as simple as checking our e-mail, by social networking notifications, and even power keep updated our work, the truth is that Smartphones have become one bit more important in our lives. For this reason, not only he who has no one probably already is making plans to acquire it, but also, those who own a smartphone we are not satisfied, and always want something better.

Without a doubt offer that currently exists in the market of smartphones with Android is so varied, both in price and technical specifications, before the imminent purchase of one of these devices is not surprising that we begin to doubt and not knowing well with what stay.

In general, the majority of consumers tend to evaluate a number of aspects before the acquisition of a smartphone, such as the size of the screen and design, its battery life, especially the brand, but the truth is that if we are going to buy one of these teams it is important to take into account other factors, which are extremely decisive in terms of what refers to functionality of the equipment. Therefore, here we present you a series of questions that you should not miss when buying a smartphone with Android.


Android Smartphones You Should Avoid




One of the key aspects to be considered before the purchase of a smartphone is the version of Android, which includes default, team, because the truth is that though we may seem lie still is marketed computers running version 2.3, which are often low cost usually offer more tempting.

Let us note that the Android 2.3 version was released three years ago, and that currently the operating system is already on version 4.4. Therefore the purchase of a smartphone with an old version of Android should not be even considered, since among other things for example does not have access to applications such as the popular Google Chrome browser, nor Google Play, not to mention their age in terms of the graphical interface, and its instability in relation to security, issues that have been fixed in more recent versions of the system.

The truth is that if the smartphone has an older version of Android, it is very likely that your hardware is more limited, so either we can use in most modern applications.

Our Council is to choose a smartphone that at least possess the 4.0 version of Android, although the ideal is to have the 4.1, and preferably the manufacturer to ensure that the system can be upgraded.



When you buy a smartphone, it is extremely important to know what memory capacity RAM has, because this is the memory that uses the system to operate, and enabling applications to run faster or slower. Ultimately it will not be long until we frustremos us by the low speed of our device, if we buy a phone with little RAM, since one of the main problems is precisely when we want to run any application that makes intensive use of system resources.

In general, the vast majority of most modern mid-range smartphones include 1 GB of RAM, while the majority of the high-end phones have 2 to 3 GB.

Let us note also that little RAM capacity also means a limitation on the possibilities for a future update of the operating system, since new versions of Android need to function of as much RAM memory. In this sense, our Council is not to buy a smartphone whose memory RAM falls below 1 GB.

In what refers to the internal storage memory, although this can be extended through the addition of a microSD card, the truth is that we recommend not purchasing a smartphone whose internal memory is below 4 GB, of course, that all depends on the use that we will give to the team.

n the case that only are going to use the smartphone to browse, use social networks, receive and send emails and various similar tasks, it is enough with 4 GB of internal memory. Now, if what we are going to do with the device also includes activities such as play, listen to music, view videos and other multimedia activities, the ideal is to buy a phone with at least 16 GB of internal storage memory.

On the other hand, we must also be attentive to the device you buy have microSD card slot, since some that are currently sold on the market do not have this feature.



This is an aspect that many tend to dismiss and ignore when buying a smartphone, and then when I have in their hands the team, and wish to start taking pictures of their daily activities, meet the great frustration that the device’s camera has a low resolution, so the result is a far cry from what they want.

Currently, most of the mid-range Android phones have a 8 MP sensor, while high-end models usually arrive until 13 or even 20 MP. Of course, they can also still be market smartphone with 2 or 3 MP cameras, which should not be even evaluated to buy.

Our Council is the least that should be our future smartphone camera 5 MP. At the same time, the ideal would be to acquire a device that includes flash, and is also very useful to opt for a team that also has a front-facing camera, which is more than necessary if we tend to make video calls.



While it is true that we should not always buy the most expensive to be satisfied, is also very true that, as the saying, “when the charity is great until the Holy mistrusts”. Therefore, faced with the possible purchase of a smartphone, should not only take into account the aspects mentioned in this article, but also be alert to imitations, that today they swarm the informal market.

Definitely faux phones should be avoided completely, not only because of the low quality tend to have, they often have specifications that are not that really account team. In short, the lower the price, lower the quality of the product.


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