Pygmy Goats For Sale In Rochester Ny

Pygmy Goats For Sale In Rochester Ny. The dwarf goats are original from Africa. These goats reach maturity with a supereducida size, approximately the height of a 2-liter Coke bottle. They are very affectionate, easy to maintain, they do not require special care. Suitable for children since they are completely harmless.

The African Pygmy goat is one of the smaller breeds their size round the 30 cm. high. They have a short, smooth fur. The African dwarf goats can give birth very early at 6-8 months of age.


First, it is necessary to have 20 x 20 meters of area fenced with vegetation. If you don’t have it, are then advised not having dwarf goats as pets. Keeping dwarf goats requires a large space to live, eat, and play. It won’t feel good if you have a small area. If you have this space for your pets, then later. Use high quality materials in the construction of the farm and fence to secure the safety of his goats.



Herbivores. They eat from pasture to leaves and tender shoots. In captivity they can feed with feed.

Pygmy Goats For Sale In Rochester Ny


You also need to make sure that you have a vet check her goats at least once a month. Trim hooves every six weeks to avoid damaging each other.


They can breed throughout the year and switch between one and two calves weighing about 700 grams each. Gestation lasts for approximately 150 days.


These goats are very sociable, so it is recommended to have 2 or more.

Pygmy Goats For Sale In Rochester Ny