Boxer Dogs For Sale In Wichita Ks

Boxer dogs are a breed of dog fun, friendly and sexy. These dogs are breeds more

popular, already do not require special care, they are super affectionate and are very good as watchdogs, not only by that can be aggressive and territorial, but because they recognize easily when someone in the family need help and when not.

Other dogs, you may have problems to do this or require specialized training, but boxer dogs take it series.

With an average weight of about 25-30 pounds and a height of half a meter, boxer dogs fall into the medium-sized dogs, but females tend to be, by normal, much smaller. Therefore they may be better as city dogs, but keep in mind that boxers are, by nature, naughty and have a tendency to play more than it should, especially if you don’t do enough sports. More than once arrived home with a not very pleasant surprise.

These problems you can solve them with a good workout, but unfortunately these dogs can be difficult to train.


Problems in boxer dogs

Luckily, boxers do not tend to have congenital problems like so many other species, and arrive to live about 8-9 years, and it is not uncommon to see them reach the 10 with the appropriate care. The main problem you might have when buying a boxer puppy is with you mielopatcia is generative, is a genetic disease, us very rare among boxers. Luckily it is easy to spot the dogs which are carriers of the gene responsible for this disease, as well, if you’re going to buy a puppy make sure that parents are clean. Another thing that you should keep in mind when buying, is white boxer dogs are not a rarity, approximately a quarter of those boxer born are white, and eventually lose the coloration of the hair.

The few (around one-third of white born Boxer) white boxers usually do not have special health problems, although they are more likely to develop skin cancer, and of suffering sunstroke. The last problem that could have a boxer, is with medications as it is normal that they are allergic to many of them, but you don’t need you to worry about this, since veterinarians take this into account.


Boxer Dogs For Sale In Wichita Ks



By their ancestors of Hunter, this animal can be a little distrustful with strangers, either people or animals, why should be from puppy socialize with people and pets, in this way into adulthood will be more sympathetic and less territorial.

Despite his short and glossy fur, the Boxer is a breed that is often lost much hair, so it is convenient to brush it every day to avoid the House and furniture to feel his presence.

This animal has a very playful and dynamic spirit, and although you can adapt perfectly to an apartment, need to exercise daily to burn energy and maintain all of your strength.

How any other dog, the boxer should have feed based on your age, you should also receive portions corresponding to your burning calories to avoid obesity.

Over the eight years they have tendency to have tumors, so frequent veterinary monitoring, at least twice a year is recommended.

Other diseases that the Boxer is prone are heart problems, so maintain your balanced diet and an active life is of great importance.

These wonderful pet, protective and great spirit calls for love and attention, likes to share with the family and play, so don’t forget to devote the time that you deserve.

Boxer Dogs For Sale In Wichita Ks