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“Angry Birds” is a video game originally designed for the iPhone. In the game, Spears birds to a group of green pigs. If you destroy all the Green pigs, you can go to the next level. However, the game is not over once you’ve defeated all levels. There are secret levels that can be unlocked by finding golden eggs. The level of the rocket from the egg of gold in “Angry Birds” can be unlocked pointing the bird in the air and releasing it like a rocket.

Step 1
Open “Angry Birds” and navigate to the level 5-19.

Step 2
Away the image as much as possible. If you play on a touch screen, this can be done with a pinch with your fingers move. If you play on a computer, you can zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel. Once the screen is completely remote, you should be able to see a golden egg floating above the level.

Step 3
Aim your yellow bird in the egg and release it. If done properly, you will reach the golden eggs and you will unlock the level. If you can get the golden eggs on the first attempt, also it can be to it with the White Bird. Throw it into the golden egg. You touch the screen so that you throw an egg bomb just before the first stake in the first tower. This will make the bird DT in the air and hit the golden egg.


Egg Gold Rocket Rumble_Update

More tricks angry birds rio2 rocket rumble goldene rakete:

1golden egg: get 3 stars on all levels of the world 4 and 5.

2 golden egg: In the selection screen, the sun hits.

3 golden egg: Watch the credits and hits the golden egg.

4 golden egg: At any level, go to the Help menu and hit the final egg.

5 golden egg: In level 1-8, hits the chest.

6 golden egg: In level 2-2, break the beach ball.

7 golden egg: In level 4-7, hits the egg at the top right.

8 golden egg: In level 5-19, hits the egg hidden in the left Tower.

9 golden egg: In level 6-14, hits the yellow balloon.

10 golden egg: In level 6-14, hits the Tower below yellow balloon.

11 golden egg: On the page of the world 8, slide finger from right to left to reveal the egg.

12 golden egg: Get 3 stars in each level of the worlds 6 to 8.

13 golden egg: Level 8-15, breaking the boxes in the left corner.

14 golden egg: Level 9-14, shoot the bird Hat boomerang.

15 golden egg: Level 10-3, break the bin.

Table of sound: get 3 stars on all levels of the worlds 1-3.


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