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Agricultural machinery

Farm equipment for sale in manitoba on kijiji. The machines are elements that are used to direct the action of forces of labour-based energy; for his part in the agricultural field, mechanisms to engine used in these tasks lightened production and improve cultivation techniques. Between the agricultural machines commonly used in the work of the field are mentioned:

Tractor: is a very useful agricultural machine, with wheels or chains designed to move easily in the field and tractive power that allows major agricultural tasks, even in waterlogged land. It has two brake pedals and is preparing to pull harrows. There are two types of tractors: the Caterpillar, great stability and strength, and the wheels, able to move up to roads; It has faster speed than the Caterpillar. kijiji manitobatractors.

Mitsubishi: it is an agricultural machine of single axis and is operated by handles; It has medium power and strength of engine intended for horticultural activities and ornament; You can work on strong grounds, but it is preferably used in Garden construction.

combine: or mower is an agricultural machine’s powerful engine, trimming comb to mow the mature plants of cereals and a long rake that goes in front of the machine and rotates about a horizontal axis.


Agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment are a group of appliances designed to open furrows in the ground, shredding, fumigate and fertilize the soil.

Plough: it is agricultural equipment designed to open furrows in the Earth; It consists of a blade, gate, moldboard plow, heel, bed, rudder and mancera, which are used for cutting and leveling the ground, hold the plow parts, set shot and serving grip. There are different types of plows, but the best known are:
moldboard plow, grating, blades and the moldboard plow
mouldboard plough, formed by concave disks to open deep grooves
superficial ploughing, to remove the top layer of soil
subsoil plow, to remove the Earth at depth.


Drag: it is an agricultural device designed to shred parts or portions of land that have been removed by the plough; They consist of a frame, which can be of wood and metal, teeth and hitch that attaches it to the tractor.

Asperjadora: it is an agricultural equipment designed for fumigating; It is composed of a tank of fluid, pump pressure, cover, mouth, tank and valve pressure, belts, hose, faucet and the nozzle by where the fluid flows to fumigate, insecticide, fungicide or herbicide. The manual asperjadora is placed on the back of the spray and this takes placed in nose and mouth a special mask to avoid strong odors dismissed on the substance which expels the asperjadora to do you harm.

Tillage seeder: is a team to place the seeds on seeding without tillage before bed.

Fertilizer: it is an agricultural device designed to distribute fertilizers; It is composed of three main parts: the hopper or deposit of manure, fertilizer drop tube and fertilizer Distributor.

Baler: it is an agricultural device designed to pack or pack the straw of cereals or other plants forage herbaces Bale (also called bales or alpacas).


Importance of machinery, equipment and tools in agricultural work

The importance that exists in:
Agricultural machinery are used to tow, shred, or the soil, cleaning and planting.

Agricultural equipment used for tillage, eliminate weeds, spraying the plants and to fertilize the soil.

Agricultural tools are used to open ditches, load land, extracting roots, start herbs, drill the ground and spray the plants with water.

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