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The leaked information from us cellular reports, that the operator will launch new plans to provide more data in the same amount of money.

us cellular pay now will soon offer consumers more options for your data, according to a leaked document obtained website Droid Life.
The discounts, which would enter into force on 13 March, include shared U.S. Cellular plans, which now offer much more data for the same price. According to the leaked information, for example, US$ 40 monthly plan would increase from 300MB to 1GB data, while the plan of $50 a month would be doubled from 1GB to 2GB.

And for those who need even more, the option of US$ 60 per month would grow from 2GB to 3GB. U.S. Cellular also has a basic plan of 300MB per US$ 15 a month.cellular

Technology and coverage uscellular.​com/​paynow :

US Cellular use CDMA technology and provides 4G LTE service.
She is confirmed, the move to U.S. Cellular makes only the most recent operator to increase the amount of data that offer their plans. During the first months of 2014, US Cellular also presented a plan without a contract for $50. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT & T have also adjusted their offerings.

Company information:

US Cellular is one of the large wireless companies. It was founded in 1983 and serves 26 States. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It is considered the 5th companyin number of customers and offers prepaid and postpaid.
US Cellular

Countdown uscellular com paynow phones plans:

From $40.00 to $65.00
US Cellular
$40: calls and unlimited domestic Messaging. Unlimited web browsing for basic phones.
$45: calls, national messages and unlimited data with 1 GB at high speed.
$55: calls, national messages and unlimited data with 2 GB at high speed.
$65: calls, national messages and unlimited data with 4 GB at high speed.

The plans do not include calls or international text messages.
Without a doubt that the mobile market is growing more competitive and that ultimately translates into good news for consumers, especially those who want to save their money already is the consumer that cost plans option you will be more useful.
We have seen a fairly pronounced change of mobile phone such as deals in United States us cellular/​pay now :

T-Mobile and Target
Univision Mobile
Boost Mobile
Verizon Wireless
Metro PCS
AT & T

US Cellular

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