Smartwatch Compatible With Windows Phone

Microsoft and the smartwatch

Smartwatch Compatible With Windows Phone. It seems that the decision to make a smartwatch compatible with all devices, rather than only with those using Windows, is another of the taken by Satya Nadella in his determination to bring Microsoft products to all platforms:

The software and services from Microsoft must be present on all devices. It is time that we do something big.
Some experts believe that the value of the Windows ecosystem, it could put at risk although it is necessary to take into account that in this case we are talking of a market that is beginning to grow.

If Microsoft decides to make it exclusive for your platform, would be wasting most of the mobile market as things stand currently (is expected for end of year Windows Phone represent 3.5% of the global market for smartphones, while Android an 80.2% and iOS 14.8%). Windows compatible smartwatch 2015.

The technology giants have begun to release all the artillery during the 2016 CES to show to the world the latest TVs, mobile, laptops, tablets and other devices aimed at different user profiles. Among them we find Fitbit, that it did not want to waste the opportunity to make known to the world its new commitment in the world of the smartwatches, the new Fitbit Blaze that is also compatible with Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10.


The Fitbit Blaze is directly intended for lovers of smart watches, and seems that it intends to compete squarely with the Apple Watch, at least as regards its design. The new commitment of Fitbit as it could not be otherwise, acts as a clock along with all the options that we could expect as sensors to control our heart rate and physical activity, which will help you during your workouts.

The difference this time is that design plays a much more important role that in the past, being possible to remove the central part of the clock, thus separating it from the belt with which the device is factory. This, as you’ve already imagined, is designed so that each has the possibility of acquiring different belts with their respective support for the clock, having available sports rubber straps for 30 euros, bands of leather for 100 euros and finally a metal for 140 euros-link belt, all available through her official website.

Thanks to its connectivity Bluetooth will receive notifications about missed calls, text messages or notifications of your calendars through the own Fitbit Blaze screen so you can always have the important information without removing your phone from the Pocket. In those phones that support you can also accept and reject calls directly from the smartwatch or control your music list playback and volume from the screen itself.

According to the posted by Fitbit press release, the new Blaze has a battery capable to provide you with a range of up to 5 days with a single load which means you can have it active at all times, both to monitor your physical activity, as also your quality of sleep at night. The Fitbit Blaze is compatible with mobile devices, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile and is now available to book through its official website at a preferred price of 229,95 EUR.

Although already admit reservations, they warn that the first shipments will begin in the month of March, so if you were willing to get one already, you will have to wait at least a couple of months on the web. To check your mobile phone compatibility, Fitbit has a section on their website where you can see which functions you will have at your disposal through the official app for your operating system, depending on the model of terminal you have.