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The Redbone Coonhound is an expert Hunter of raccoons. As the raccoon is a nocturnal animal and hunting it is night, this excellent tracker dog specialises in pursuing its prey until it gets into a tree and hold it until the hunter arrives. Redbone coonhound breeders in canada.

Height at Withers: between 55 and 68 cm in males and between 53 and 66 cm in females
Weight: between 29 and 38 kg in males and females between 20 and 34 kg
Layer: any shade of Red
Skills: Hunting, tracking, search and rescue


At the beginning of the 18th century, from Scotland and Ireland, became the ancestors of the Redbone Coonhound, a few red Foxhounds United States. At the end of that same century, American hunters were seeking a dog fast and with good sense of smell to hunt raccoons. For years, breeders of Redbone prioritised the red color of the dog to its functionality, and once tightened the color, already dedicated themselves to select them depending on performance.


The Redbone Coonhound is a good companion dog if it has been raised for this purpose, the specimens that are bred for hunting have a different character. At home is affectionate, docile, easy to please, stable and independent. It is a dog that likes to howl, very energetic and excellent swimmer. With children (if he has raised with them) is a good Playmate. It is a little suspicious with strangers. Redbone coonhounds for sale in canada.​


The Redbone Coonhound is a well-proportioned dog, robust body and broad chest. Their limbs are strong and well angled. You have inserted low, long, drooping ears and square muzzle. The tail, thick at the base and Sabre-shaped, is of medium length. Its pelage is dense, harsh, short and Red (sometimes with some white markings on the chest and feet). Redbone coonhounds for sale in canada.


coonhounds for sale in canada

Especificosredbone Coonhound care

The Redbone Coonhound is a very energetic dog that needs daily exercise. The ideal is that you can move to your liking by a walled garden and their owners to provide long play sessions. If you spend much time locked up maybe it becomes inactive and obese. Swim and run are the activities you enjoy most.

Due to their Hunter instinct, it is essential to socialize it from puppy with other animals in the House.

To keep his coat in excellent condition, it is advisable to brush it once a week. Also they should check the ears often to prevent possible infections. Coonhounds for sale in canada.

Bless you
The Redbone Coonhound is prone to hip dysplasia.

Tips for buying a Redbone Coonhound

Find a puppy over the Internet carries risks. To clear the professionalism of the hatchery with whom you touch, we recommend that…
You patronize that answers your questions, that is discovered connoisseur of race(who attends dog shows), and that offered to keep track of the puppy after the sale.It is implied, or is limited to set a price?

You can see if it is recommended by other breeders, or if you have references of satisfied customers.

You make sure you have kennel, that their dogs are registered in the LOE and havepedigree. Keep in mind that processing the pedigree of a puppy is not nothing expensive, desconfiad phrases type “if I give it to you with pedigree going out much more expensive”. More information about the price of a puppy
Give guarantees in relation to health problems, physical, hereditary… would deliver the puppy with veterinary card, chip, vaccines, deworming and veterinary checks a day?

Ask you that show you their facilities and let you see the specimens are these disease-free?

And finally, remember that puppies need a minimum of two months with her mother before being handed over. Desconfiad who want to speed up the process.

In addition, must always take into account care that requires your future pet. Take note:

In the case of the Redbone Coonhound aesthetic maintenance is not so demandingcompared to other breeds, however must not neglect it.

Weekly brushing.

  • Bathe every six to eight weeks, and have to take care of her fingernails.
  • Does not require cutting.
  • We must take care of your eyes, ears, and teeth.
  • You must go to the vet with the frequency required, and always have the day shots.
  • You must go to the vet with the frequency required, and always have the day shots.
  • On the other hand, the Redbone Coonhound breed requires plenty of exercise. so no to neglect their daily walks and play with them.
  • They are dogs that adapt to the life in an apartment.
  • Similarly, it should not be forgotten possible pathologies of the race:
  • Hip Dysplasia

Redbone coonhounds for sale in canada

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