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Quads 4×4 Atv For Sale Craigslist. The ATV or All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) are vehicles that despite having four wheels are included in the motorcycle segment. These machines have been created mainly for transit by land of difficult access and to perform agricultural or similar work. However, when used to participate in a race are called quads. But why the difference?

To answer this typical but always complex question spoke with two experts in the field: Ignacio Flores and Enrique ‘Kike’ Umbert. Both are pilots who participated this year in the rally more end of the world: the 2013 Dakar, the two in the Quad category.



According to the number eight of its kind in the last Dakar, flowers, there are several types of ATV. Within this universe, two are very popular. Some are utilitarian use, somewhat similar to a tractor and that by having traction 4 x 4 used them for work and recreation. The others are the sports or quads, and used to compete.

In addition, Flores says, “the main difference between the two is in their mechanical configuration. The quads have accessories racing: suspension, special tires and computer of injection, to turn them into a race vehicle. The weight also are different, because the quads should be weighed less than half or half of what an ATV. It allows them to better”.



On the other hand, ‘Kike’ Umbert, the number 22 in Quads in Dakar 2013, coincided with flowers seminar that the utility ATVs have been designed to work. Likewise, he added that they are much higher than the quads.

“The vehicles that we use to compete are much lighter, with elements made of aluminum, have traction only in rear wheels and a more powerful engine. In addition, for use in racing changed them the air filter, the computer controlling the entry of gasoline to the engine and the exhaust pipe”, argues Umbert.

Finally, when querying this pilot if the only quad bikes can be used in racing, it answered that the utility ATV Grizzly 700 has the same engine as the sports Raptor. What they do for use in competitions is changing the transmission. While usually carries an automatic box, to adapt it is put a sequential box. 4×4 coot craigslist


Management of the 4 x 4 coot

The management of an ATV saves several differences of a moto. Just look at the design and size of the quad is the US is that we have a completely different vehicle and driving seems more like a car.

First you must know that in this type of vehicle accidents tend to be serious and even deadly for the complexity of its management but also by the lack of training of the pilots.

Authorized voice

Andrés Mejía, Colombian ATV management instructor, recommends users that before driving one of these vehicles receive a complete statement. Therefore, thanks to its configuration are difficult to maneuver. For example, simply that the pilot is 45 degrees so that the quad flip.

He added that, a basic difference between the driving of the motorcycle and the quad is you put your feet in the first for not falling on the floor. But, if you do that with the second there is a risk of injury to the rear wheels our lower extremities.

He also said that it is not the same driving a quad bike 4 x 2 wheel drive than other 4 x 4, because these devices were designed for difficult roads and not for highways. The body of the driver, the inflated tire and even the inclusion of a second Chair can mean the difference between safe driving and a dangerous.

Another point to take into consideration is the speed. According to the Colombian specialist, driving the ATV must be slow because it is being carried more weight than on a bike. The conventional ATVs are not machines to run or to compete, are more a means of transport.


Driving tips

Finally, the instructor gave us some basic recommendations of driving. First, not lower feet at the time of the vehicle, instead put your feet on the side skirts.

If you’re up inclines, it is best that your tires have maximum ten pounds of pressure to let skip. If your ATV is 4 x 2, braking with the rear wheels; and if it’s 4 x 4, it stops with four tires to prevent overturned.

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