Htc Phone Price In Usa Without Contract

Htc Phone Price In Usa Without Contract. HTC desperately needs a sequel to its impressive HTC One. And the good news for the company is that the new M8 One achieves it in an admirable manner. Like its predecessor, this phone is full of software and hardware first; It is fast and powerful and, in addition, its elegant aluminium body makes it look beautiful. HTC continues to face a big challenge by Samsung, but it is clear that the company spared no expense in designing One M8.

Indeed, the M8 is undoubtedly the most impressive phone the company has ever designed. But, despite all its wonders, the crucial question is whether the new HTC smartphone has the weapons to compete head-to-head against his arch-rival, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The answer is an emphatic “Yes.” Aesthetically, HTC One M8 asks you nothing to the GS5 and even in terms of performance and useful features. In addition, the interface Sense of the M8, which has been improved, is linda see and very easy to operate.

This is perfectly aligned with the philosophy of HTC put physical beauty and intelligent software at the forefront of everything. Samsung strategy could not be more different. Samsung is putting every possible feature in a product with the lowest possible prices, leaving the design of hardware and software almost as something secondary.

Of course no gadget is perfect, nor to appeal to all consumers on the planet, and One M8 is no different in this regard. If yours is to take photos more crisp and accurate possible from your phone, the HTC One M8 is not the device for you.

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Last year, when it released the original HTC One, its metallic chassis in a single piece so sophisticated surprised me. Not only it was very firm and comfortable taking on the one hand, they turn back curve and its matte finish like the polished ends and its design, developed on a device with a level of luxury almost without precedent. Honestly, I had never seen a phone so handsome, and look at that they have passed many cell phones by my hands.

In what touches the design, this phone makes very high rod for any other smartphone future, not only to the next HTC One. I can confirm that the new HTC One M8 is a very attractive device and smartphone most sexy I’ve seen throughout the year (including the S5 Galaxy and Sony Xperia Z2). Although this HTC has a slightly more conservative than the previous One, it has a look that is just as luxurious.

For example, the crimping of the M8 (where the screen and the corners of the phone are located) is reflective and gives the feeling that you have in your hands a luxury device. Even so, find that the setting has not been polished in the same way as the previous model. I also discovered that the softer texture of the M8 non-combat moisture as effectively as the previous One. The result is a slippery surface and one that attracts more fat and moisture than its predecessor in Matt.

To clarify, One M8 comes in two additional colors (silver and gold) that do not have the pattern of brushed metal (HTC called “hairline”). The problem is that both the silver version and the Golden of the M8 lack the slippery feeling of grey model. And in other ways, the M8 is as beautiful as its predecessor. It uses an aluminum body with a similar back curvature. The M8 also feels extremely solid, strong and well built.

I recognize that these are all trivia and I’m being very picky, as the M8 brings tremendous improvements in design to the HTC One franchise, mainly the screen, which is now larger, 5 inch, compared with the 4.7 inch HTC One. And, unlike the first One, HTC says that the chassis of the M8 is truly built in metal. In contrast the company explained that the body of the original One was 70 percent of aluminum; the rest was plastic.

In addition, the M8 comes with a pair of powerful stereo speakers and found on each side of the screen. The speakers, that HTC has named as BoomSound, emit a very powerful sound, at least for a cell phone. And what is better, the M8 is definitely more sound and produces sound with more presence than the model from the previous year. That was something we had expected, because HTC said that it improved the M8 BoomSound audio system to turn up the volume by 25% and have improved its frequency range.

Despite having a larger screen, the device remains more or less the same size, have the same thickness and weight. The M8 weighs about 154.2 grams (5.4 ounces) and is slightly higher and bit heavier than the previous (142.9 grams or 5.04 oz). It is also heavier than the S5 Galaxy (5.1 oz or 145 grams) Although the M8 has no additional hardware of the S5 as a fingerprint reader or a heart rate monitor.


From the first moment in which the HTC One M8 I took in my hands, I knew that 5-inch screen would be of high quality. While it cannot produce the same level of black and bright colors of the screen OLED that you will find The GS4 and Samsung Galaxy as Note 3 devices, the screen IPS LCD of the M8 has a lot in its favor. Specifically its admirable angles of vision, a nice amount of brilliance, and very rich colors. With a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), photos, video and texts look very sharp despite having a lower pixel density than the previous model (4.7 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels).


Last spring, HTC had huge expectations for your best phone to date, the original HTC One. Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 stole the show, presenting a fantastic screen, impressive camera, in addition to all the features of software that a company can be included in a single device.

We see that now occurs something similar, as there is an inevitable clash between the S5 Galaxy, which is about to reveal itself, and One M8. In my opinion, HTC is now much better equipped to give battle. The M8 is not only a very powerful device with quad-core processing which is you by you with the best phone of Samsung; your design all aluminium make it be the winner between the two.

What has most impressed me is how elegant hardware and intuitive software of M8 highlight different strategies for HTC and Samsung to manufacture their smartphones. Samsung Galaxy devices seek to please the greatest number of users putting the greater number of features and performance possible at the price lower. HTC, for its part, is aimed at connoisseurs of mobile phones with devices that are elegant and efficient Android experiences. Honestly, it is a combination of which I can not resist – sorry, Samsung, but TouchWiz and plastic materials are not my wave.

Even so, deciding on which device purchased no is a decision so drastic. Personally, I would recommend One M8 if you are looking for is a simple and attractive software experience. The same thing for those looking for a phone fashion and with a beautiful exterior to satisfy their premium. I suggest, instead, choose the S5 Galaxy or the Sony Xperia Z2 if your main goal is to take sharp photos – and that your mobile phone is water resistant.

Htc Phone Price In Usa Without Contract