Galaxy Gear Xda Rom


With the user community that can boast Android was matter of time before we would see something like this. The first custom ROM that has appeared for Samsung Smart Watch comes from the hand of XDA Developers, who have added a number of extra features to the original stock ROM that brought the smartwatch as the possibility to install apk files, for example. Keep reading to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Gear was launched with the idea of being the triumphal entry of the Korean brand in the game of the smartwatch, but reception that has had the Smart Watch has been rather warm. Most of the critics admit that the device has potential, but it is hidden after a, at the moment, limited applications market, a limited support and a general experience that gives the feeling of being unfinished.

The good news is that the Samsung is working hard to improve this experience for use by future software updates. Meanwhile, some users Samsung Galaxy gear have begun to play with the device trying to unleash their full potential through the scene of the customizations and modifications.

As always, the first to break the Bell have been developers who populate the Forum of XDA Developers, whose user fOmey has been the culprit of develop what appears to be the first custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Gear.


Galaxy Gear Xda Rom


According to its creator, the ROM is based on the MK7 that came with the device with quite a few special customizations added to the recipe. The ROM is rooted, deodexed and includes Nova Launcher, a few custom widgets, the possibility to install APK files natively and much more. This ROM is able to even surf the Internet via Bluetooth.

However and although this ROM is far from being perfect, reportedly on XDA forums it is relatively stable and could be a fun way to make a Samsung Galaxy Gear in a “full” Android device. Of course we remember that installing custom ROMs brings with it a series of risks that not everyone should or wants to expose itself, therefore if you don’t know what you are doing or even if you know what you are doing you well informed and be careful before proceeding.

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