Fema Trailers For Sale In Mississippi Craigslist


FEMA Trailers were virtually unknown until the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but FEMA trailers were much before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, and will continue to be a great demand at present.

What are Trailers Fema?

The Federal management of emergency agency, also known as FEMA has provided temporary housing for many years, especially in areas affected by natural disasters. For example, when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, trailers FEMA provided housing to persons, provided that two and a half years until more stable housing could be found. The term “FEMA trailer” did not become a common phrase, until the appearance of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, however.
FEMA trailers belonged to the Government of the United States and have been on loan to the needy in times of disaster. Many of these trailers were placed near the houses destroyed or damaged, and its purpose was to provide shelter until houses can be repaired or rebuilt. Nearly all trailers have the same typical design, which includes two tanks of propane for heating and cooking and some accessories.


Fema Trailers For Sale In Mississippi Craigslist

The purchase of a FEMA Trailers

Once families are more permanent housing, the trailers have been returned to the Government leaving FEMA with a surplus of campers. At this point, and with an excess of inventory of more than 100 thousand campers, FEMA began offering for sale. Many buyers interested immediately climbed on the bandwagon and began snatching as often half or less than its real value. Are FEMA trailers good options for those who want to enjoy the outdoors?  You decide.


For the purchase of a FEMA Trailers

Of course, the most compelling reason for the purchase of a FEMA mobile home is the cost. With savings of several thousand dollars, the purchase of one of these campers issued by the Government could mean money in the Bank for those who bought a sort of Caravan regardless of the situation. In addition, many of these campers have used with care and only lived for a few weeks or months and are almost like new. Trailers fema are also for sale in Mississippi.

How to buy a FEMA Trailers

If you are interested in FEMA trailers, you have several options.


Auction State and local – check your State or local government website and look for the auction online. Depending on your location, which may or may not find these campers for sale, but the State and local level is a good starting point.


GSA Auctions – administration of General Services (GSA) is an agency of the federal Government that administers the auction surplus equipment. Once on the site, you can search online for specific articles or browse the inventory of the site and see what’s available. You need to register to bid, and if you live near the site of the auction, you may be able to see the merchandise in person.


GovSales – federal government site GovSales.gov also offers an online equipment auction surplus. FEMA trailers typically found in the “vehicle and parts”. You must register on the site to make offers, and you can navigate through the entire inventory at your leisure.


Also you can search for offers on line and web page  Craigslist