Best Smartwatch For Windows Phone


Best Smartwatch For Windows Phone. Once taken the decision that we want a better smartwatch, is the most difficult thing: choose a smartwatch for windows phone without fear of being wrong in our purchase decision. Like any election, it is difficult if you don’t have the necessary information, but you will see how it is very simple if you know what aspects taken into account.

If you have already decided to buy a smartwatch and don’t know which one to choose, or if you are thinking of purchasing one and don’t know which aspects are important to take into account one or another model, we recommend that you take a look at this guide. If you’re thinking buy a smartwatch not to you, but to give it to someone, we recommend also read the specific guidance on the subject give a smartwatch; you will be very helpful if you don’t know where to start.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a smartwatch. All of them are important, although some more than others, that we can be a little flexible on issues as the price (maybe don’t spend a few euros more for a better model or with more features), but in other aspects such as compatibility you can not choose: the model must be compatible with our smartphone or we will avail nothing.

In general, the most important factors to consider when choosing a smartwatch are:

Price (unless money is no problem for you :))

Compatibility and operating system



Best Smartwatch For Windows Phone


We will be reviewing each of these aspects.

Price of a best Smartwatch

We have put price at the top of the list because 99% of us have a more or less rigid budget that we have to adjust, but it is important to know that, within limits, there are things more important than the price to take into account when buying a smart watch.

Although if you have to take into account the price of the smartwatch, is not good idea buy a cheap smartwatch if it turns out that it does not conform to what we need or what you are looking for, and find that it does not meet our expectations. Which utility would have? So even if your budget is limited, studies the rest of points well and choose with head.

Fortunately, the price is less of one problem. A midrange smartwatch is priced pretty more than acceptable, and in the line of traditional clocks which only give the time. You can even find some smartwatch price lower than most traditional watches.

In any case, if your budget is more limited, take a look at Guide buy a cheap smartwatch, where you’ll find keys to look a smartwatch spending really little. We also try to put in the sidebar (here on the right, with the cheapest title) the cheapest smartwatch which are available in every moment with its most important features.

Finally, to facilitate the task in this aspect, we have classified the smartwatch by price range. You can find them at:


Compatibility: Key Factor when choosing a smartwatch


Choose smartwatchLa the smartwatch compatibility is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Both, smartwatch, smartphone, must support that may be communication among them and you can get the maximum functionality of your smart watch. Otherwise, you will only look at the time. An exception are the standalone, as Iconbit Callisto 100, than to be independent not need pairing with any other device.

There are watches smart compatible with different versions of Android and iOS smartphones. It seems that in the short term we will see also smart watches Windows-compatible for mobile devices that use this operating system, but at the moment there are only rumors. Stay tuned because we will announce any news in this sense.


Operating system of the SmartWatch

Within this section of the support it deserves to make a mention of the operating systems. Although until now each brand used a proprietary operating system, developed specifically for its smartwatches, since Google made available to manufacturers your operating system for wearables Android Wear increasingly more smartwatches are including this system.

In addition to understand perfectly with smartphones with Android, the smartwatches with Android Wear include technologies such as Google Now and others that make it worthwhile spending a little more on a model that includes the operating system, whenever possible (eye, only for smartphones with Android, if yours is an iPhone forget about).


Features of the best SmartWatch for Windows Phone

Although until recently the vast majority of smartwatch only included basic functionalities as show notifications for email, social networks or incoming calls, have already evolved, and there are models from which you can make a call (in plan Michael Knight 😉), play music, receive and read SMS, calendar, apps for calorie count query, heart rate monitor , etc.! There is to be limited to the basics!
We return to make special reference to the smartwatches with Android Wear due to its large number of features, including Google Now.


The SmartWatch battery


There isn’t much to say here, apart from what common sense dictates: longer lasting, better! No sense having to carry a charger for the watch, or having the doll “tied” to a cable. Typically are the 3 days of the Sony SmartWatch 2. The 5-7 days of the Pebble are a luxury. As for the smartwatches with Android Wear, typically are between one and two days.
However, there are also other options, such as the analog clocks with intelligent, such as Cogito Classic or Cookoo, using replaceable CR2032 batteries and with a duration of one year.


Design of the SmartWatch


Make no mistake, things enter eyes. No one is going to wear a watch that does not like him, so it is important when choosing a smartwatch, that you like its design. Fortunately, manufacturers know this and much quality in this regard is being.

The seal is another important aspect in this section. Beware the “splash-resistant” smartwatch: is not the same as submersible! Inside submersibles we can find water-tightness IP67, resistant to dives of up to a meter, provided it is in fresh water and the half-hour is not exceeded.

In terms of weight, we do not believe something to be considered too unless you have thin wrist in excess. Even so, the ranges of weight that move these gadget do not a decisive factor.

Its shape are squares (more like technological gadgets that authentic watches) or round (with an appearance more like a sports watch). If you have very clear how you want your smartwatch, we have classified them according to your design:


Final decision: can choose what smartwatch?


So far we have seen the most important aspects when choosing a smartwatch, but the final decision is in your hands. It is important to establish what our required minimum needs and fulfill them, or we will have a gadget that “not fills us with” or not we can get to the out we needed. Enjoy your smartwatch!


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