American Standard Toilet Tank 4093

American Standard Toilet Tank 4093. During your lifetime, an average of 140,000 times jalarás your toilet chain. Your toilet will also represent around 30% of water use in your home, so you replace an old and faulty toilet or buy an eco-friendly toilet can benefit both the environment and your bottom line. While most people are familiar with the standard toilet driven by gravity with a rear tank, details such as the strong discharge, water conservation, and the design of the model should be considered.

If you want to make a change in toilet, it is important to take into account both functional aspects of style and design. If you want to transform your bath room in an integrated and comfortable space, try to succeed in the election of all their accessories.

Design, easy cleaning, the existing installation and space is available are relevant aspects when considering a toilet. Below we show you six criteria that will help you in the choice:

  • Shape and size
  • Types of toilet
  • Types of discharge
  • Input types
  • Seats and covers

1.forma and size

The space that you have available in the bathroom will determine the choice of the model of toilet. Installation must allow a comfortable use and is especially relevant to gap to his around and close doors can open and close comfortably.

There are toilets, round or square shape. A round toilet is shorter and easier installation if there is little space on the front. On the other hand, a square toilet allows you to save space on the sides due to its more elongated shape.

american standard toilet tank 4093

2 types of toilet

According to the water tank, there are toilets low tank, compact low tank, tank top, wall-mounted or with integrated tank.

-Low tank toilet: it is the most common and is characterized by carrying the tank that collects the water just above the Cup.

-Compact low tank toilet: goes completely glued to the wall, that takes up much less space than the first and prevents the accumulation of dirt in the space between the wall and the toilet.

-High tank toilet: it was the first model to appear on the market but since the appearance of the toilet’s tank low is practically not used. It is characterized by the accumulation tank hung on the wall and separated from the Cup, the communication between the two is done through a tube called a downpipe.

-WC: with a more modern design, the Cup is hanging to the wall and can be easily cleaned to scrub the floors. It is installed with a built-in system that contains tank and mechanisms. Wall-hung toilet model can be an excellent choice in very tight spaces.

-Toilet with integrated tank: it is a novelty in the market and its main feature is that the water accumulation tank is integrated in the same Cup. This facilitates placement since it avoids having to perform installation of discharge mechanisms. This type of toilet can be wall-mounted or floor installation, and not to bear tank, its size is very small.


3. water discharge type

The toilet flushes the dirty water through the water discharge. There are three ways to download: vertical, horizontal or dual.

inodoro-salida – vertical

-Vertical discharge has an internal siphon with the outlet pointing towards the ground. It is intended for those facilities where drain pipes reach the toilet bottom.
-In dual discharge the internal form of the siphon allows installation of the toilet both in horizontal or vertical outlet. A straight output accessory is used for installation to wall and one in the form of elbow for installation on the ground.


4. type of power or water inlet

Water ingress may occur either side or bottom.

-On the supply side, the water inlet is connected to the toilet tank through a hose at the top left or right.

-In lower power, drilling for the connection between water and the tank is in the bottom tank. In this case, the connections are less visible and may even be completely hidden if the toilet is attached to the wall.


5. seats and lids available

Each toilet needs a model of top and seat that fits to the, here you are the different models you can find:

Asiento-Bisagras – normal

-Seat and toilet seat: each model of health has a lid and specific seat that fit perfectly. Both are attached to the Cup by a hinge which can be stainless steel, durability, or plastic.

-Seat and lid system: this type of seat and cover has the same function as the previous ones but opening hinges have a damping system that slowly close the lid without having to hold it.

Seat and toilet seat universal: adapts to any type of toilet with a hinge system that allows you to adjust them in width. If you want to opt out of them there to take into account the shape of the Cup: there are models with round or square shapes. You can find the seats and lids hinged plastic, stainless steel or cushioned.

Flush toilet mechanism: today the toilets incorporate discharges of water with two buttons: one empty tank completely and the other only half empty. There are universal downloads that fit any model and these can be incorporated at the same time water-saving systems.

American standard toilet tank 4093