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Sell a car used in times of crisis has advantages and setbacks. On the one hand, there are more drivers willing to purchase a second hand vehicle (especially since I finished the Plan 2000E). But there are also less liquidity among buyers, who tend to cut back on expenses and renegotiating prices. How to achieve a successful sale in this context? These are the keys:

Know the market:

The first step is to find out how much is worth the drive in question and set a reasonable selling price. This should be done in several ways:
A pricing ask the professionals of the sector (mechanics, dealers, resellers, etc).
Ask the insurance company about the real value of the car on the market.
Find out how to ask other owners for similar vehicles.
To succeed with the final sale price, it combines this research. A trick: dealers and insurance companies price generally downward, while individuals are on the rise. Calculate an average. If you want much easier, you can utilkizar our appraiser car, still in the testing phase but fairly reliable (except special versions of old models).

Emphasizes the qualities:

The two essential criteria that affect the valuation of a car are the age and mileage. These data must always appear in an ad. Other interesting details are pointing Eroski Consumer in this list. Review it and highlight them on your listing in order of importance:

Make and model:

Know that the vehicle had not suffered accidents.
Have passed all the mechanical controls.
The State of the chassis and bodywork.
The number of owners who have had.
The State of the engine, fuel type that uses and consumption.
The State of the upholstery.
Accessories safety and comfort.
The price.

used car ​sale malaysia ​mudah

Not enough that the car is well: should look like it. Cleanliness, order and the MIME in the details reinforce the sense of care. Is Psychology: If the owner cares about cleaning, vacuuming, waxing and perfume your car, also should be just as careful with the mechanical and structural components. As well as a conscience and a thorough cleaning inside washing, there are other ways to prepare the car to sell it, in order to get a better valuation.

On the photos of the ad (if possible to include them), should be made at least six: two to the side, one front, another in the back, one inside and one more of the engine, with the bonnet raised. So see that you do not hide anything.

Put yourself in the place of the buyer:

When a person decides to buy a used car, not only disburses money, also places its trust. Unlike new vehicles, second hand cars have a past that the buyer is unknown. Avoid foot-dragging and answer all your questions in a clear and accurate manner.

Some time ago we collect all questions to do before seeing a used car. Make sure that you you can answer them all.

The buyer needs to know the history of the car: If you have had one or more owners, if you have saved in garage or outdoors, if you have a job or family use, if it has received all mechanical services in time and form. All the documentation that can prove the care will be very useful to help you decide.

It is vital to demonstrate that you are aware of all the payments and that the vehicle has passed the ITV controls. If the invoices of the arrangements and the improvements are preserved, is also important to teach them: promotes transparency and the confidence of the buyer. If you request to test the car before comparlo, not withhold or it will look like you are trying to hide something.


Where anders how to find buy:

Friends and acquaintances
The oldest marketing strategy, but it works. You will not lose anything to tell your friends that you want to sell the car. Closed a deal with a friend gives peace of mind, but the circle is sometimes reduced.

Posters in the windows
Another more traditional option… and effective, as the car is who promotes himself. Anyone who feed on your side you can see what is sold. Bad, sometimes you have to omit details that may be of interest (expensive extras you can have, for example).

General and specialized press
Publish the advertisement in the newspapers can reach more people, while doing so in magazines of the sector is a direct line to the people who are interested in the world of motor. That Yes, these ads tend to be payment and little car information can be published.


As sure you know, sell car online is free, reach a huge number of people and allows incnuir photos and detailed information. It is, undoubtedly, the future (although there are people who still do not trust). You can check here our tips to sell car online. Insurance to help you.


Leave the car in the hands of a professional is more comfortable and, often, more quickly. Evil, who typically earn less money and have to leave the car.

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