Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale In Missouri

Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale In Missouri. ┬áThe Pomeranian breed is a favorite among those looking for a Toy dog. It’s an animal naughty and very curious, quiet inside the home, but with a strong dose of character abroad, as almost all small breeds. Direct descendant of the German Spitz, is regarded as the most ancient race of Central Europe. Teacup pomeranians in se missouri.


What are the most notable physical characteristics of the Pomeranian?

your beautiful fur, which is very easy-care, their majestic presence, and its very small size. The truth is that they draw attention, they are lovely. Head, ears and external faces of the four members are covered by a dense satin pile while the remaining parts of the body are covered by a long plentiful mantle.

The hair of the Pomeranian has different characteristics: it spreads around the shoulders and is slightly airy and silky (will never be wavy, curly or matted). On the back not separates, but it is still airy on all sides, under the neck and tail is most abundant. The back of former members is covered with some kind of marker that is reducing as we descend, and that runs from the elbow to the Carpus. The marker does not reach the lower joints in the hind legs, which are only covered by a satin hair to toes. Teacup pomeranian for sale in missouri.


Why the Pomeranian breed?

The wonderful quiet character who has, the size so small that they seem real dolls, they are charming. People when the ve is in love with them, at least with mine who are so cuddly, the truth is that the race is so.


What character does?

cheerful, affectionate, intelligent, and nothing aggressive, is a marvel of race.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale In Missouri
Tell us about the past, present and future of this breed

A: in the bronze age, around 2000 B.c., Canis appears familiaris inostranzewi, a breed of dogs similar to the current molossians, arise from the current races as the Doge of Tibet, the Mastiff of the Pyrenees or the Newfoundland. Also appears Canis familiaris metris optimae, accompanying Asian makers sell their products to Europe. It was similar to the current Australian Dingo. From this dog arise breeds such as the German Shepherd Dog and other guardian and herding dogs.

With reference to the Australian Dingo or Australian wild dog, it is important to point out that it is not a breed of Australia, despite the name, but that was introduced, becoming a cimarron. Later appeared the Canis familiaris intermediate, whose origin is believed to be due to crossings between peatlands and wolves, which have given rise to breeds like the Husky, the Samoyed and Nordic dogs and dogs of the Spitz type. This type of dog, they descend to our German Spitz and, therefore, our Pomeranians.

The present of the Pomeranian in Spain is working a lot, many well known breeders are doing a very good job in terms of crossings of copies. Many of our breeders have brought magnificent specimens of several foreign countries that we get to have a promising future in our country. In the future, that will surely be very early, we will have copies of Champions bred by our national breeders. We already have some of them international champions, this means that Spain is working very hard and fast for the beautiful race of the Pomeranian.


Advice would you give to future owners about basic care?

In principle, we have a very long race. Countless times has been a Pomeranian of elderly strolling the streets or parks with his master. However, if we want our Pomeranian to live many years, we will have to take care of it well. Firstly, we will monitor your ears, because the dogs, like people, suffering from otitis because of a current of air or the action of any external parasite (flea, tick, etc.). We must also be careful there are no drafts in the interior of the House, to avoid possible colds. Vaccines a day, and control the anal sacs, which if it infects them is very painful and go so very wrong.

The food of the Pomeranian is dry, about 50 u 80 Gr. a day, but that is mostly good quality. Water clean and fresh each day, also can be fruit. I mine I soil them giving also not every day a carrot, I love them.

Does this race at home? How is your relationship with the children and the elderly?

Currently, the Pomeranian enjoys an extraordinary spread, mainly for being an ideal animal to live in the home, especially if it’s a small apartment. However, the success achieved by this dog not only is a consequence of its small size, but also its vividness and, above all, of his character. Only the races with a special character, such as the Pomeranian, have occupied and occupy a privileged place within the history of the dog.

With children and elderly behaves beautifully, they are always outstanding of them and they’ll never make you a bad gesture, they are always around the owner, they are inseparable.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale In Missouri